11 Reasons Why Companies Choose Izenda

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The number of vendors offering business intelligence platforms continues to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, most platforms have not made integration any easier for their customers. For some, embedding BI takes a long time or requires investment in expensive infrastructure. Most still require heavy upfront work to go live, and continued support by software developers thereafter.

Software companies choose us over other BI vendors because our platform is purpose-built for embedding and intuitive enough that end users can create their own reports and dashboards, without help from IT.

Rather than telling you what we think about our platform, let’s see what some of our customers say about their reasons for choosing us.

Reason No. 1: They lack the time to build a robust reporting solution. Our customer, a hospitality software company, knew their development team’s expertise rests in creating their own application. They also knew that they lacked the time to build out a robust reporting solution. When the choice came between building vs. buying a BI solution, they chose Izenda’s platform.

“No matter how good your engineering team, analytics always take significantly longer to build in-house than anyone estimates,” said Kevin Smith of NextWave Business Intelligence recently on LinkedIn. “Little things like rollups, target setting mechanisms, management tools, and flexibility for changes are frequently overlooked and as a result, projected cost savings vanish.”

Reason No. 2: Report writing took too long with competitors. The same hospitality software company evaluated another product, but found it took way too long to write reports. Their evaluation team found its report designer difficult to use, even with coaching. Izenda’s report designer was intuitive, and could be customized by user role.

Reason No. 3: Robust reporting is a differentiator in their space. Izenda lets you create reports and dashboards enriched with pivot tables, calculated fields, drilldowns, visualizations and more. And all of it can be seamlessly embedded inside the host application.

Reason No. 4: You can shift report creation off of IT resources. You’ll be hard pressed to find a developer on your team who loves creating reports for line of business users. Imagine being able to shift report creation from that $120K IT resource to a $50K support person. Our customers chose Izenda because they can do that via a code-free administrative UI. It not only frees software developers from report creation, but from setting up and managing tenants and their users and permissions.

Reason No. 5: Izenda extends analytics to every user in the application’s workflow. Our hospitality software customer said one reason they chose our platform was because we enabled them to extend analytics into their application’s workflows. End users can see relevant analytics within the context of the business application. Research shows that embedding analytics improves the speed of decision-making.

Reason No. 6: Izenda makes users feel like they’re still in your application. Our platform is white labeled, so it looks and feels like it is part of your application, because with integration it is. You can add reports, dashboards or visualizations anywhere within your application. In the words of one of our clients, Chuck Demaree of Access, “The customer wants to have the feeling they are in the same application.”

Reason No. 7: Izenda works on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Count trying to force a customer into dumping their data in the cloud as a failure to meet requirements. One of our newest customers had sensitive data that could not live in the cloud. That’s not uncommon – many organizations must keep data on-prem to follow confidentially regulations or SLAs. Conversely, another customer is making an aggressive shift to the cloud. They needed a partner that could accommodate their move to the cloud.

Reason No. 8: Izenda turns data into actionable information. The CRM software of another client generates a lot of data. Lead data is processed through Izenda’s platform, then fed into an intelligent routing system to help determine what leads are actionable, helping to prioritize the queue for sales agents. Another customer’s platform uses Izenda to analyze client project data to estimate proposal bids and plan projects. It enables inclusion of product details specific enough to plan the engineering for use in a project and ultimately upsell functionality.

Reason No. 9: Izenda’s analytics solution is platform agnostic. One of our new clients looked at an analytics platform that required a Java development stack. That was a poor match, since they are not a Java shop. They chose us because we integrate with any modern web application.

Reason No. 10: No iframes needed. Many vendors add report or dashboard viewers into customers’ applications using iframes. Iframes aren’t as secure, require extra code, aren’t responsive – in short, they add more work for your dev team.

Reason No. 11: Izenda is fully responsive on all devices for anytime anywhere analytics. Many of our customers depend on mobile devices. With our solution, users can securely interact with BI and analytics through a 100% web-based interface. As long as they have access to a web browser, they are able to create, customize and share reports and dashboards.

Izenda adds analytics to your application or portal faster and at lower cost than you can building in-house. Request a personalized demo to learn more.

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