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AngularJS Enables Modern BI & Analytics Platform
The switch from using Web Forms for years to AngularJS doesn’t just happen overnight.

Dirty Data Mucks Up Business Intelligence, Analytics
The best business intelligence and analytics platform will fail if it uses dirty data. No company sets out to build mountains of dirty data.

Seven Ways to Fail at Business Intelligence
The proper implementation of business intelligence and analytics can help bring success to a company. But it’s not hard to take just one wrong misstep that can be costly.

SMBs Want Easy-to-Use Integrated Applications
SMBs need help… 72 percent of small businesses and 68 percent of medium businesses aren’t satisfied with their current tech.

Dashboard Reveals $3.6M Mistake in Real Time
How many times have you been in a meeting when a questions is asked that you just can’t answer? You know there is a way to get the answer, but it’s not at your fingertips.

SQL Server 2016 Takes a Giant Leap
Server 2016 will be the biggest leap forward you have ever seen, at least that’s the word from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Most of us will get our chance to start figuring that out when the public preview comes out this summer.

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