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Platform Overview

Imagine self-service reports, dashboards and visualizations on any page of your application, or inside a fully branded BI Portal. Izenda’s modern, 3 tier architecture makes it easy to give your application’s users the analytics they need, where they need them, for better insights into their data.

This video is a short, high-level overview of the functionality designed for seamlessly integration, 100% white labeling and customization to meet the needs of your team and the different users of your application.

Video Transcript

Users of business applications expect intuitive self-service analytics. Izenda is a purpose built BI platform designed for OEM and embedded use. Izenda’s modern 3 tier embedded architecture enables rapid, seamless integration into other software applications.

All platform modules can be embedded and 100% white labeled. Embedding Izenda in your application allows you to deliver:

      • Self-Service Reports
      • Dashboards
      • Charts
      • Maps
      • and other data visualizations

All reports and dashboards can be scheduled and shared and Izenda supports annotation and presentation to support collaboration and data storytelling.

Unique among self-service solutions the complete design experience can be embedded in your application. The entire analytics experience can be configured to meet individual users needs and complement your application’s workflow. With Izenda, your product team has the freedom to deliver the ideal analytics experience to all users.

To shorten time to market and simplify ongoing administration Izenda also features a robust administration UI that enables:

      • Data Preparation
      • Data Source Management
      • User, Tenant and Role Administration
      • Copying and customizing tenant instances
      • Report and Dashboard Category management
      • Granular Permission Control

To be performed in the UI rather than just through code. The admin UI also allows you to easily control which tenant, user or roles can access which modules and analytics functionality. Individual tenants can also be granted self-administration rights to allow for further customization. Izenda’s admin UI and all platform features can be white-labeled and deployed as an independent BI portal as well as being seamlessly embedded in other SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications.

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Dashboard Overview

Everything from important KPIs to heat maps to legacy pixel perfect forms and gridded reports can be displayed on an Izenda dashboard. Information is displayed on a series of interactive tiles, and can contain dynamic filters and drilldowns to more granular details.

Dashboards can be shared, exported, scheduled or displayed in interactive presentation mode. This video is a short overview of the dashboard functionality you can embed into your application with Izenda.

Video Transcript

Easy to set up, easy to use, Izenda is an integration ready .NET web platform that allows organizations with on premise, cloud, SaaS, and enterprise applications to deliver modern selfservice reports, dashboards, and visualizations. We empower our customers to enhance their applications by allowing end-users to securely interact with personalized content through a rich, 100% web based interface, without needing IT or database experience.

Dashboards in Izenda offer a versatile way to display various parts of reports into one dashboard including everything from interactive heat maps to legacy pixel perfect forms. Information is displayed through a series of interactive tiles that can contain dynamic filters, drilldowns, and various visualization types.

Flipping each tile gives access to additional functionality for the report part that you selected. This includes opening the full one-page report in our report viewer, print and exporting options, and the ability to select a different report part to occupy the currently selected tile.

Also, adjustments to the report can be made by selecting either the Quick Edit or Design option from the Edit tab. Quick Edit allows for adjustments to field names, filters, and other minor formatting options while Design mode allows for a more in depth editing experience.

Creating new dashboards is simply done through selecting a formatting template, then choosing report parts to fill empty tiles. Once a dashboard satisfies your needs, the dashboard itself can be shared, exported, or scheduled, or can be taken into a fully interactive presentation mode.

Dashboard functionality is only a small part of the robust offering Izenda delivers for your Business Intelligence needs. The power of this self-service BI tool is only exceeded by its ease of use. To get the full Izenda experience, feel free to schedule a more in-depth demo and learn more about how Izenda can enhance your business.

Business Overview

User ranging from everyday consumers of analytics to sophisticated power users need to create ad hoc reports and perform analysis in your application. Izenda’s fully configurable analytics platform lets you tailor the experience to different user roles with an easy-to-use yet robust interface that integrates seamlessly to become an integral part of your application’s workflows.

This video gives an example of self-service report and dashboard creation capabilities.

Video Transcript

Purpose Built for OEM and Embedded Use, Izenda’s 7 Series features a modern 3-tier embedded architecture that is modular, extensible and scalable. Utilize new UI-based administrative tools to streamline integration with existing applications and data sources. Minimize the amount of development effort required to deploy and manage embedded analytics inside your application.

Izenda is an ideal solution for an organization looking to provide self-service reports, dashboards, and data visualizations in an integrated user experience that can be 100% white labeled.

The following is a business-oriented overview of Izenda’s features and functions. For this video, we’ll be using an Izenda-branded demonstration site, but it is important to note that all platform elements or any module in the platform can be rebranded and embedded into your application.

For users with report creation capabilities, constructing ad hoc reports is simplified for ease of use. A user will select from data sources and be presented with a condensed listing with data joins relative to what was selected. This empowers the most basic user with the capability to customize a report without the need to understand query language or the underlying data model.
With data sources selected, the user could then move to the fields tab to begin constructing parts of a report. These report parts come in various types, including:

  • Charts
  • Grids
  • Gauges
  • Maps
  • and pixel perfect Forms

Once a report type is selected, all it takes is dragging and dropping fields from the selected data sources to begin building custom data visualizations. With endless options for customizing these report parts, users will be fully equipped to make a report with any desired look and feel.

To add filters, users would employ a similar mechanic to adding fields. There is a drop area at the top of the screen where criteria for filters can be dragged and dropped into. Once in place, the filter can be fully customized to make it a quick and intuitive experience for users to set up and utilize.

Like reports, dashboards consist of various report parts. But for dashboards, these report parts can come from a wide range of reports to be combined into one visualization. Sitting on top of a design grid, dashboard orientation, content, and visual styling are all fully customizable to meet any business need. This also includes the ability to take a dashboard into a fullscreen presentation mode for a variety of events that deserve informative and appealing data visualizations.

In order to navigate all of your new content, your application’s end users will get a sortable and searchable library of prebuilt reports that makes it easy to quickly track down and view what they are looking for. From this same list, users can expand a specific report to peruse a variety of metadata associated with a report, as well as other report based functionality. Given proper permissions, a user could open this report into a full one page viewer, make edits to the underlying report, delete or export the report in various formats. Additionally, if desired, the user can manage previous versions of the report by opening up the revision tab and creating a copy.

In the one page report viewer, a user can observe and interact with functionality contained within the report. This could include anything from changing filters to adjust the criteria the report is being built upon, drilling down into a report to see data relevant to what was clicked on, or even drilling into an assigned subreport.

For a deeper dive into all that Izenda has to offer, please visit for more details, schedule a free personalized demo or request a free trial.

BI Portal Overview

Izenda’s BI Portal option offers maximum flexibility in how you deploy analytics to your user base. It takes only days to stand up a fully branded self-service analytics portal. You have the option to fully embed later, keeping all the customizations and reports you’ve already created.

Video Transcript

Your partners, customers and other stakeholders want insight. But the data they need isn’t always accessible. Extending your existing BI or reporting to people outside your organization can be a time-consuming and costly effort.

A better option is a self-service analytics platform that is purpose-built for embedding into portals and applications, making delivering the analytics and insights your partners and clients want fast and easy.

With Izenda, you can move beyond static reporting to add self-service reports, dashboards and visualizations inside your portal.

The platform is white labeled and easily customizable, so you can brand it to meet your needs. Fully responsive, so you can move analytics off the desktop and deliver it anywhere your stakeholders need to see analytics – in the field, on the go, and any time.

Unlock insights for users by connecting to multiple databases in real-time, to provide the data they need to make critical decisions. Securing data is easy, as Izenda inherits your existing single-sign on authentication mechanisms. A robust, code-free administration UI makes customizing analytics fast and takes maintenance headaches off of your team.

Izenda allows you to configure the data model to categorize data sources into easy-to-navigate categories and rename tables and fields into business relevant terms.

Craft an analytics experience that’s appropriate for each role, from the admins down to front line personnel, even assign self-administration rights to grant autonomy to different groups, empowering them to so they can tailor the analytics to meet their unique needs. The Admin UI gives you full copy management functionality so you can easily roll out new tenants and groups.

Need to deploy quickly? You can stand up a rebranded BI portal in less than a week, then embed analytics into your software over time, building off the configurations, permissions and report definitions you’ve already created.

Secure, flexible, scalable. Izenda gives your partners and customers true self-service analytics, with a licensing model that allows for superior return on investment to building inhouse or purchasing a third party solution. To find out more about our BI portal option, and how self-service reporting from Izenda can enhance your application equity, visit our website or request a free trial today.

Administrative Overview

Traditional BI platforms require extensive coding to set up, manage and on-board new tenants. Izenda’s Administrative UI lets you customize the exact functionality and module access you want to allow on a per tenant, per user and per role basis.

This video explains the wide range of capabilities that can be managed in the administrative UI including data prep, tenant, role and user administration, copy management, and other customizations.

Video Transcript

Purpose-built for OEM and embedded use, Izenda’s 7 Series features a modern 3- tier embedded architecture that is modular, extensible, and scalable. Utilize new UI-based administrative tools to streamline integration with existing applications and data sources, and minimize the amount of development effort required to deploy and manage embedded analytics inside your application.

Izenda is an ideal solution for an organization looking to provide self-service reports, dashboards, and data visualizations in an integrated user experience that can be 100% white labeled.

The following is a more technical directed overview of Izenda’s features and functions. For this video, we will be using an Izenda branded demonstration site but it is important to note that all platform elements or any module in the platform can be rebranded and embedded in your application.

What you get when you download Izenda is a 3-tiered web application. This allows companies to completely customize and brand Izenda for embedding purposes into the front end of an existing application. There is a ReactJS application on the front-end, an Izenda .NET Web API at the application layer, and we store configuration data inside a relational database. This means you’ll leverage some MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL database to store Izenda’s report definitions, configuration data, and data model setup.

For initial set up and general administration around Izenda, a user-friendly Administration UI is contained within the out of the box product. While Izenda is a completely open platform, allowing for full customization by developers from a code perspective, the administration UI provides a convenient and fast way to set up and administrate the application.

Izenda’s admin functionality allows you to manage data setup for reporting through controlling visual data sources. Some solutions require extensive coding to set up and administer an integrated solution. However, in Izenda this can be done in the administration UI, saving development hours and drastically reducing the effort required to configure and deploy an embedded solution.

Izenda empowers organizations to prepare data for reporting in order to make it intuitive for business users to design and manage their own reports and dashboards.

Izenda’s Administration UI makes administration of multi tenant applications easier than ever. Directly through this interface, system level administrators have the ability to configure what functionality and module access is accessible per tenant, per user, and per role. This provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in how software companies can monetize improved self-service analytics in their application.

Izenda supports integration through single sign on authentication and, if desired, has a user management interface that can be leveraged like the one found when Izenda is deployed as a BI Portal. The only difference between the two delivery mechanisms being that for a independent BI Portal, users, roles, and tenant IDs will not be inherited through existing single sign on authentication data.

Izenda’s admin UI also simplifies the administration of multi tenant applications. The copy management feature allows for a System Level Administrator to manage multiple tenants environments simultaneously. Essentially, work done to create templates, base reports, or common dashboards can be distributed out to tenants across the system, can be replicated easier than ever. A best practice for this concept is constructing a template tenant with all of its roles, users, and data model setup and easily creating new copies without the need to replicate the setup screen by screen.

Additionally, with a large number of tenants and the potential to have each tenant equipped with a different setup, system level admins have the convenience of utilizing the system level drop down to impersonate their tenant level administrators. With this feature, it becomes effortless to manage a setup from that tenant’s perspective without ever needing to log directly into that tenant’s environment.

If desired, permissions for individual tenants to manage their own system can be set up. This way, software companies can gauge the end-user ability to navigate the system and general understanding of business intelligence and make decisions as to whether or not they will support a tenant’s access to various self-administration capabilities.

With all of the options offered by the administration UI, tenants, roles, and users can interact with the system in a variety of different ways, but will inevitably end up with the same result: a fully developed, embeddable self service BI platform.

The more familiar users become with the system, the more they will be able to discover about creating more involved ad hoc reports and dashboards. For instance, more advanced users of the system can employ a system of adding custom relationships between data sources on the fly in the report designer. This liberates advanced users from utilizing only those relationships that had been preset by Izenda or a System or tenant level administrator.

Izenda is a purpose built, all inclusive, self-service Business Intelligence platform that is designed to quickly enhance existing applications with embedded analytics. Izenda’s robust features and functionality offering is only exceeded by its ease of use. For a deeper dive into all that Izenda has to offer, please visit for more details, schedule a free personalized demo, or request a free trial.