Deliver insight at the point of decision

Ad hoc reporting integrated seamlessly with your application’s workflow.

Ad hoc reporting increases value for your application’s users.

Users of your application have a growing need for data analytics to support their business decisions. But every custom report request takes valuable development time away from your application – and makes your customers wait for answers.

With Izenda, you can deliver ad hoc reporting to your end users right where they need it, inside the daily workflows of your application. Our solution makes adding real-time reporting fast and easy, because it’s purpose-built for OEM and embedded use.

96% of top performing companies say ad hoc reporting improves business performance.

92% of top performing companies agree ad hoc reporting shortens time to info & insight.

Are You Embedding the Right Analytics?
Aberdeen Research Report – Best in class embedded analytics

Our ad hoc reporting and embedded BI platform is:

Purpose Built

Built to work for your product, your users, and their data.


Rapid to deploy, easily configurable, and intuitive for your customers to use.


100% white labeled integration, keeping your consistent user experience.

Empower your end users with real-time reporting.

Ad hoc reporting that users will adopt.

Effective ad hoc reporting requires empowering users to answer the business question they have in the moment they need it. Users can create their own ad hoc reports with an intuitive drag and drop report design interface.

They can find the answers they need quickly using a report design experience tailored to their role. Knowledge of SQL is not required, and users interact with a semantic layer that displays fields in business-friendly terms. Users can easily share their insights with other users.

Easily create ad hoc reports using data from multiple data sources.

The data needed to answer ad hoc questions isn’t always in one place. Izenda’s fusion driver lets you blend data from multiple sources in real time without requiring a data warehouse. Data access can be secured by:

  • Tenant
  • Role
  • User
  • Row

Integrating ad hoc reporting has never been easier.

Give your end users the ability to perform ad hoc reporting and data analysis, while freeing your developers from report creation. Our platform:

  • Deploys in as little as 30 days
  • Integrates in any technology stack
  • Features a code-free administrative interface
  • Inherits your existing security model
  • Embeds in cloud, on-premise or hybrid applications
  • Requires no 3rd party software or plug-ins

Are you ready to make ad hoc reporting your competitive advantage?