Eliminate code-level complexities, reduce time to market, and minimize maintenance.

embedded analytics

Don’t code, configure.

Our Administrative UI makes it easy to configure Izenda for your users. Take implementation headaches off your technical team with our end-to-end configuration UIs that eliminate code-level complexities, reduce time to market, and minimize maintenance.

  • Connect to databases and manage data models
  • Join tables, views, and stored procedures across databases
  • Manage tenant, role, and user permissions
  • Manage scheduled reports and alerts
  • Monetize different levels of analytics functionality

Craft an analytics experience that fits and empowers your customers.

You get full control over the self-service analytics functionality you expose to your application’s end users. Configure report designers with both advanced and simple user modes. Create report templates with pre-selected data sources to make it simple for users to get started. The administrative UI makes it easy to categorize and alias objects and columns with business-relevant terminology, as well as hide fields with sensitive or non-relevant data.

  • Predefine database relationships and cross-database joins
  • Preset stored procedure filter parameter look-ups
  • Create multi-step calculated fields and equations
  • Control performance and security settings
admin ui
self-service analytics

Keep – and extend – your existing database investments.

Leverage your existing database schemas– tables, views, stored procedures, primary and foreign key relationships, and user-defined functions. Easily create calculated fields with an expression helper that generates SQL appropriate for your database. Report on Izenda generated system meta-data to understand how your users engage with analytics.

  • Extensive copy management systems
  • Inherit your existing security model through APIs
  • Extend existing functions into report designers
  • Manage global report and dashboard libraries

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