Atlanta Business Radio – Putting a Spotlight on Atlanta’s Best Businesses

By November 21, 2007Technology

Atlanta Business Radio interviews Cindy Cheatham with The Advanced Technology Development Center and Sanjay Bhatia of Izenda.

“First up we had on Cindy Cheatham, the Director of Business Development at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), a nationally recognized science and technology incubator that helps Georgia entrepreneurs launch and build successful companies. ATDC provides strategic business advice and connects its member companies to the people and the resources they need to succeed.

“More than 100 companies have come out of the ATDC, including publicly-traded firms such as MindSpring Enteprises – now part of EarthLink. Headquartered at Technology Square on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta, ATDC has been recognized by both BusinessWeek and Inc. Magazines as among the nation’s top nonprofit incubators. Since 1999, ATDC companies have attracted more than a billion dollars in venture capital funding. For more information (including: admission criteria, business templates and application information) please go to their website

“Next up we had on a member the ATDC, Sanjay Bhatia, founder and CEO of Izenda. Izenda was recently honored as one of the top 40 most innovative companies in Georgia and has grown over 300%. Sanjay talked how he knew he had a good concept for a thriving business when he discovered that it would take one company he was working with 5 months to give him the data he needed.That was the eureka moment where Sanjay saw the need for Izenda. He spoke at length of the benefits of working at the ATDC and the resources, contacts and best practices that he has gained since he has been there. Izenda brings the power of data to non-technical employees and lets them access customized information from their systems. For more information including a test drive of their application please go to their website”