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Free Reporting Tools Not Free: Uncover the Hidden Costs

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Free reporting tools are offered by some vendors and they have their rightful place, especially early on.

What must be addressed is their shortcomings and how it ultimately effects the big picture.

A lack of adaptability, usability and scalability eventually eats away at your organization’s funds potential ROI. Cut enormous costs and your workload over time by understanding where your free options fall short. Read More

Implementing Business Intelligence: Where to Begin

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Implementing a business intelligence (BI) solution can completely reinvent your business by giving you in-depth insights into your data sets and allowing you to take your business to the next level.

This all starts with proper implementation, however. If you don’t plan out your BI implementation, you could end up with delays, budget concerns, data problems, and unsatisfied end users.

If you’re looking to start using BI software, here are the essential steps on how and where to begin, so you can ensure a seamless rollout that benefits both your end users and your business. Read More

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Embedded Analytics: Potential Challenges & A Plan for Success

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Any operational change brings about challenges often caused by nothing more than a lack of familiarity. It is, therefore, critical for software companies to understand the specific needs of the end users of their product. During the setup and customization process, embedded analytics can be specifically tailored according to the needs and role of the end user, ensuring the seamless integration of embedded analytics within the end user’s regular workflow.

If the end user’s workflow is for example, by having to navigate to a separate analytics UI, or by using one with a design unlike their application, the likelihood of adverse consequences increases, lowering adoption, engagement and renewal rates. Read More

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Ongoing Innovation in Business Intelligence

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Business intelligence (BI) is analysis that determines the key performance indicators to drive business forward. Properly implemented, business intelligence can be used for everything from providing more value to customers to predicting outcomes and finding trends in the market.

With more and more businesses recognizing the importance of BI software for their productivity and profitability, software as a service (SaaS) companies are constantly challenged to come up with new business intelligence and innovative ways to meet demands. Read More

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Will Embedded Analytics Die in 2019?

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The true definition of an ’embedded analytics’ platform is getting lost in translation. It’s importance, however, increases exponentially quarter-over-quarter.

In reality, fully embeddable BI platforms are in more demand than ever before. Businesses are spending more on embedded analytics, rather than traditional BI tools, and many businesses are looking for embedded analytics within existing applications they already use. Read More

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Data Visualization: The Functional Art of Business

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Data-driven decisions are dominating the business world, but making sense of massive amounts of data can still be a challenge without the right tools.

Data visualization refers to the presentation of data in a graphical or pictorial format. Presenting data in this way can enable decision-makers to see a visual representation of data and digest complicated concepts more easily, allowing data to be used as productively as possible.

Find out the unique advantages of digestible data visualization and how it can enhance insights and provide more information than standard analysis. Read More

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10 Ways to Improve Operations with BI

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Business intelligence, or BI, plays a vital role in the planning and strategy of a business. It provides many benefits for an organization, from measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), performing quantitative analyses, and identifying consumer insights, to providing an organization a massive opportunity to multiply revenue.

Harnessing the all the abilities of business intelligence requires the appropriate BI software, as well as an understanding of the ways to use BI. Here are 10 ways BI software can improve the operations in your organization. Read More