BI Portal Enables Rapid Deployment of Self-Service Analytics

Software product teams who need to add a business intelligence and analytics solution to their application may not have the time necessary for a full integration and still meet their application’s release deadline. Choosing an analytics solution like Izenda’s BI Portal that still gives them a complete white label experience while going live within days allows them to provide a solution that generates revenue as an evolutionary path to fully embedding analytics within their application in the future.

Software companies can use Izenda’s self-service BI and analytics solution in a stand-alone environment as well as our established embedding capabilities.

Izenda’s BI Portal enables rapid deployment for those companies that need to get to market quickly. This BI Portal approach delivers a shorter time to market and provides self-service analytics to end users.

Software product teams choosing to start their analytics evolution with the BI Portal can deliver the same benefits as fully embedding Izenda’s self-service BI platform. This starts with the administrative UI that enables creation and management of tenant, role and user permissions. It permits precise control of the data models you choose to expose and what features tenants can see and access. A simple copy management process lets you reuse any work you do on setting those roles and permissions without the need for code or a developer.

Industry analyst Martin Butler said, “The functionality of this UI is extensive, addressing such needs as data set up, license management, preparation of data in the form of connections to database, calculated fields, and aliases to give attributes user friendly names; access to tables, views and stored procedures, relationship definitions – and so on.”

Without the need for coding or developer assistance, a non-technical team member can set up users and roles, defining data permissions and functionality available by role. The analytics solution increases its extensibility with the ability to create complex, multistep calculated field.

Butler said the admin UI allows “skilled business users to pretty much control their own BI environment.”

BI Portal Features

  • Reusable data models and templates
  • Tenant, role and user management
  • Tenant self-administration
  • Intuitive lists, designers, and viewers
  • Scheduling and alerts

Software companies can stick with the BI Portal, but this also enables them to fully embed Izenda later to contextualize the analytics at the right point in your application’s workflow. Software product teams can apply knowledge gained during use of the BI Portal by tracking usage. They can add most common and popular reports and dashboards as templates for tenants in the embedded analytics solution.

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