Embedded Maps Give Your Users More Data Insights

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Sometimes a map offers the best opportunity to understand those metrics you’ve been following. Izenda comes with Highchart’s Highmaps fully integrated and ready to use, part of the extensible library of powerful visualizations available in our platform. It gives you high-level and regional geographic breakdowns of every country, as well as state, province and county (or parish) breakdowns within the United States and Canada. You also get the latitude and longitude coordinates for countries, regions, counties, cities and postal codes.
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Is Your Database One Doc Away from Destruction?

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Data security is one of those pain points for an organization as it grows. A software company may have started out with only a handful of employees who share responsibilities – and admin access – to databases and applications. But as it grows, there quickly becomes a need for things like role-based security models, backup and restore protocols and user credential policies.
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The Hogwarts Sorting Hat Explains Why You Should Be a Developer

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What’s your Hogwarts House? It’s the millennial version of “what’s your sign?” Our company is mostly millennials, so this question get asked around here pretty regularly. (Side note: shouldn’t there be a dating site based on this?)

It turns out many things in life are sortable by a fictional hat – including the reasons why you should become a software developer.
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11 Reasons Why Companies Choose Izenda

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The number of vendors offering embedded BI and analytics platforms continues to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, most platforms have not made integration any easier for their customers. For some, embedding BI takes a long time or requires investment in expensive infrastructure. Most still require heavy upfront work to go live, and continued support by software developers thereafter.
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