Fully utilize your analytics platform

Better Ways to Use your Self-Service Analytics Platform

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Many companies relegate their self-service analytics platform to delivering very basic reports, with standard visualizations for more insight. But that tool can provide many more benefits to better serve the business.

Here at Izenda our Sales department makes use of a “battle station.” We’ve put real-time information into a series of dashboards and visualizations presented in a slideshow format using our own BI and analytics solution. Account executives – and the rest of us – can see how many deals they’ve closed. Business development specialists can see how many leads they’ve processed and brought to the next level. Our VPs of Sales and Marketing can, at a glance, see the status of all the staff. That includes how individuals, and the team, have progressed toward meeting their goals. Read More

Self-service analytics - insight on demand

How Self-Service Analytics Improves Operational Performance, Application Value

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Self-service analytics has been sought by users tired of waiting for IT, data scientists or other specialists to produce variations of reports and dashboards. Expectations for business intelligence and analytics have changed. Users expect real-time data to examine KPIs and performance metrics that matter to their businesses more than ever before. They won’t wait for IT to deliver a custom report or dashboard. If you give them yesterday’s data or send them to another application for analytics, they’ll just go back to relying on their gut instinct. Read More

How to compete with embedded analytics

Competing with Analytics in the Age of Embedded BI

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Since the government (and the public) frown on monopolies, competition becomes a way of life at every level of business. This pushes us to compete so that we can be successful. Analytics becomes a mainstay for organizations to understand the state of their companies through the data they collect. But how do software companies compete with analytics in the age of embedded analytics? Read More

The answer to self-service BI -- self-service analytics portal

Using Portals to Deliver Self-Service Analytics Outside the Enterprise

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Enterprises serve a variety of partners and external stakeholders, many of whom need answers about their data. Increasingly stakeholders want access to real-time data inside of portals, extranets and applications. For many technical and financial reasons, it can be a challenge for these businesses to deliver analytics to these external users. And for organizations without an existing portal, this endeavor can seem particularly daunting. Read More

Best Practices - Which data visualization works best for what use?

Donuts and Pies: Data Visualizations Sate Hunger for Business Trends

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The many benefits of using a modern BI and analytics solution include giving everyone from the CEO to the line of business end user access to data, and in methods that make spotting trends much easier. They find a data visualization becomes their chief tool in spotting what’s happening with the business.

As Aberdeen Group research shows, data visualization use helps the business. “Interactive discovery and visualization are just as much about discovering new questions to ask as they are about getting answers to existing questions,” according to a report by Michael Lock, VP and Group Director, Sales Effectiveness & Strategy at Aberdeen Group. Read More

You have superpowers

Programmer Superpowers That Go Beyond Coding

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In a recent post, our sales engineer Josh wrote about not wanting to be a nonentity among hundreds of other developers in a cubicle farm. Especially if you work for a large company, it can be hard to distinguish yourself from the many other developers in your department.

One approach I’ve seen work for colleagues is to stand out by having a “superpower” not related to programming. I think it’s worth considering what may be unique about your background, your personality or your non-coding skillset that will make you a more highly valued member of your team. Read More

Solar eclipse 2017 Blue Ridge, GA - Bob Pepalis

Self-Service Analytics Works Best if You Use the Data at Hand

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I spent Monday afternoon watching the solar eclipse in the mountains of north Georgia. One fellow observer got me thinking about how it’s not enough to have data – you also need to know when and how to use it.

I’m certain this eclipse enthusiast did some serious damage to his eyes despite having ISO certified solar eclipse glasses. While he used the eclipse glasses, twice I saw him lifting them up above his eyes to look at the sun with a normal pair of sunglasses. I guess he was comparing the difference between the two. Read More

Eclipse or clouds on Aug. 21 will cut gigawatts of solar power production

Solar Eclipse Cuts Power Output, But Utilities Have a Plan

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Effects of the solar eclipse that will cross the United States on Monday, Aug. 21 have scientists – and businesses – making plans. Small towns in places like Rabun County, Georgia started preparing for an influx of visitors who want to make the most of the rare opportunity to observe the eclipse in totality.

But more than an opportunity for me to take a day off and enjoy the Moon obscuring the Sun, casting its shadow to turn day into night, it has an impact on some industries. If you think about it, you’ll realize immediately at least one industry that’s affected by the eclipse. Yep, utilities that depend on solar energy to power their electric grid will see a measurable decline in power output. Read More