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Embedded Analytics – Worth the Hype?

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Harnessing the power of data is about more than dashboards. With the right BI tools, many departments and individuals within your organization can benefit from the insights of your data, but they may not want to deal with dashboards. This is where embedded analytics comes into play.

Embedded analytics can refer to many different tools, but the overarching idea is identifying the right data points and putting them in the hands of the right people, when they need them most.

So, is the idea of embedding analytics worth the hype? Read More

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4 Ways to Succeed With BI

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In our customer-focused business world, business owners are constantly seeking new ways to get better insights and intelligence from their business data. BI software, or Business Intelligence is a game-changing option for many businesses though few include it as an integral part of their success. This could be for many reasons, including insecurity with the process or not knowing if it’s worth the effort and expense. 

With or without market awareness, BI software continues to earn its rank as a vital tool for businesses built to last. Here are four ways you can start succeeding with BI. Read More

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Your Business Needs BI – Here’s Why!

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Customers have more control over their experience than ever before, so they demand a lot of their service providers – especially when it comes to BI software. Unfortunately, that can mean an avalanche of requests coming from customers, which may pull your attention from your other business responsibilities.

Embedded analytics with BI software not only helps you offer more to your users, but it also helps you focus on your core competencies to move your business forward. Let’s take a look at some other reasons your business needs business intelligence (BI) software. Read More

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Embedded Analytics on the Rise

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Recent years have seen an explosion of analytics in business. Corporations all over the world are using analytics tools, including business intelligence (BI), to gain better insights about their customers and predict the future of the market, leading to increased revenue. Embedded analytics is included with business applications more and more, offering a range of features designed to adapt to the changing demands of modern business owners.

Now, embedded analytics accounts for over half of the value of business applications, and applications without these features can’t compete with the current offerings. Also, as analytics becomes more common within business applications, developers are moving forward with more analytics features, like predictive analytics or interactive dashboards, to set themselves apart. Read More

Preventative Analytics: BI Beyond Reporting

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While most business owners are focusing on saving money and improving effectiveness with their business intelligence (BI) software, it’s not being used to its fullest potential if the focus is on optimizing existing processes. If you’re optimizing outdated processes, you may find that the processes can be eliminated entirely by a new approach to the problem.

So, instead of focusing on reporting, turn your attention to prediction and prevention for better business success. Read More

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Inside Intelligence — How BI Software Promotes Success

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Business intelligence (BI) software aids in the decision-making process by utilizing the existing data. The information within the system is collected and written into a database that’s modeled for your business, all within a central location — the data warehouse.

Within the data warehouse, all the data from multiple sources and formats can be visualized together, which is more efficient and accurate than other methods.

As a result, business intelligence with embedded analytics provides the necessary insights and support to make smart, strategic, informed decisions for your business. Read More

Say Hello to Better Business With BI Software

Say Hello to Better Business With BI Software

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Business intelligence (BI) may be thought of as statistics and reports, but true potential for your business lies beneath the surface. BI tools harness the power of your data, which can be used to tackle the biggest business challenges.

Learn how different BI solution categories can meet different business analytics needs, so you can get the most out of your BI software. Read More

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5 Ways to Use Your Data Wisely with BI Software

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Business intelligence, or BI, is important for planning and strategy in your business operations. BI software involves the use of technology to identify, organize and analyze data to get a view of data in the past, present and future, which can be used to inform the decision-making process.

BI can be used for everything from tracking and measuring performance to identifying customer insights with data, so there are virtually limitless possibilities for your business. Read More

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Indestructible Analytics: How Top Companies Ensure Success with Data

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Big Data is all the rage, but finding the right tools to turn your data into effective strategies can be daunting. Harnessing the power of all this new technology begins with a data-driven mindset, one that recognizes the capabilities of data.

Businesses can use insights gained from data to improve efficiency and growth in many different ways. Here are some examples of how the most innovative top companies have used data to their advantage. Read More

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Improve UX With Embedded Analytics

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User experience (UX), or the overall experience a person has when using a product, is incredibly important in modern business. As a result, more and more developers are putting an emphasis on user experience and the potential impact it can have on end users.

If you want to boost your UX even further, however, embedded analytics is a must. This technology plays a significant role in user experience, which we’ll cover here. Read More