What Makes a Good Software Product Manager?

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Companies are like a puzzle, each person being an integral part to carry out short and long term goals. A product manager is inherently the CEO of the product, the person who is responsible for strategizing and defining the product roadmap. They often answer the questions of why something is a need, when does it need to be done, and what exactly it needs to be. The product manager is like the missing middle piece required to hold the supporting pieces together.
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5 Things We Learned in Year One of Our Product

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Being an early adopter of a new platform or product is not always easy, but when done right it is a great way to gain competitive advantage. Year One of a product is always going to throw some curveballs. That’s okay. We’re fortunate to be working with a great set of OEM partners who this year adopted, or converted to, the new 7 Series of our self-service analytics platform.
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