Data Analytics Poised to Upset Art Markets

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Data analytics has become invaluable for everything from banks making investment decisions to armchair sports fans choosing a daily fantasy lineup, thanks to its ability to use historic information to find patterns and predict future behaviors.

Now, data analytics are being used to predict the art market and inform art investments. Art is inherently subjective, however, so there’s doubt about how much numbers come into play in assigning value and profitability to art.

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Is It Time to Retire the Term “Full Stack Developer?”

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There was a window of time during the evolution of software that someone could sincerely and meaningfully label themselves a “full stack developer”. But those times have passed into the mists of programming history. Applications and platforms have evolved beyond simple front ends married to scrappy back ends, into the accumulation of layers we call “stacks”.
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Izenda Product Update

Chart Enhancements and More in Izenda Release 2.12

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The latest release of Izenda contains several enhancements to charts and forms, and new functionality for stored procedures. The end users of your application may benefit from some of these new features. Details of each are explained below.

Combination Chart Enhancements
You can display multiple metrics on a combo chart using two Y axes. Now, with version 2.12, you also have the option of displaying multiple metrics on a single Y axis. More information on how to apply a single Y axis can be found in our documentation. Read More