Avoid embedded BI bear traps

How to Make your Data Product Successful by Avoiding Bear Traps

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A conversation with Kevin Smith of NextWave Business Intelligence had me thinking about how project teams with whom we’ve worked have gotten stuck in data product “bear traps,” as Kevin calls them.

Getting stuck frustrates everyone, but it sounds like he has effective ways around them in report he authored, “Embedded Analytics Bear Traps (and How to Avoid Them).” Read More

Developers of legacy products, applications, development kits, or even development languages seem to be suffering from an epidemic as they become complacent in the technologies that they use.

Complacency Causes ‘Legacy’ Developers to Reject Technology Upgrades

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An epidemic plagues the software industry due to complacency by many legacy developers and project managers. Rejection of new, more powerful options seems to be more prevalent by these obstinate programmers, to the detriment of their products and organizations.

Many workers in contemporary business feel that the technology offered to make day-to-day operations more efficient or automated seems to move forward exponentially faster than anyone can hope to keep up with. Constant innovation, modernization and increasing focus on automation makes it hard to manage the steps to keep up with the constantly evolving market. This process can be even more difficult for software companies that have been in business for a very long time. Read More

How to evaluate an embedded analytics solution

How to Evaluate an Embedded Analytics Solution

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Izenda’s software product team developed an evaluation process using the knowledge gained from more than 2,000 unique application integrations. With this guide, we want to give your organization the information needed to make the right choice for embedding analytics.

Software companies can’t do it alone in the evaluation process. Their teams need information and help from the vendors they want to evaluate. Izenda needs information from their organizations to deliver a top notch level of service during this evaluation and on to successful deployment. Read More

26 Ways Ad Hoc Reporting Creates Value in 7 Industries

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Ad hoc reporting is the creation of dynamic, real-time reports by users on an as-needed basis. Since empowering end users with ad hoc reporting functionality enables them to answer business questions at the moment they occur, users move from static reporting to dynamic queries, asking and answering questions about their data.

Users of ad hoc reporting software also benefit from the ability to make on-the-fly changes to report elements – adding or changing fields, sorting or summarizing fields, or pivoting on data, for example – highlighting one of the many ways in which this dynamic functionality generates value across a multitude of industries. Read More

Women need to do the math and science to start technology careers

Solutions Architect Tells Women to Do the Math – and Science

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Whether you’re trying to figure out how to convince your daughter her problem-solving skills directly correlate to working in computer science, or you want to find a way to interest her in coding with the help of Wonder Woman, today’s blog has you covered. And if you’re wondering how to figure out if you should take that programming job, we’ll direct you to some strong advice. Read More