Non-Profit Sector: Better Reporting Benefits Everybody

This Izenda client has been delivering simple-to-use, feature rich and affordable donor management software solutions to non-profits since 1994. Their software is used by hundreds of non-profit organizations throughout the United States.

Redesign Drives Ad Hoc Reporting

Analytics and reporting are integral to our client’s non-profit software and are employed daily by end users. When the time came to redesign the existing donor management application, they looked to include reporting that was responsive and would allow end users to build reports and perform ad hoc analysis to answer questions about their data.

After several months of trying to build an in-house reporting solution, exploration of integrating a third party embedded solution became more viable. Most options they researched were not entirely web-based or intuitive for end users.

Izenda, which is 100% web based and enables organizations without IT support to manage reporting, was a great match for integration.

Our embedded reporting software could easily meet the unique ad hoc reporting demands from their non-profit clients. In fact, the company was able to do a complete integration test using the downloaded trial version of Izenda.

Better Reporting at a Competitive Price Point

By integrating Izenda into their online donor management solution, our partner has been able to provide a rich set of analytics and an improved user experience to their customers, while keeping product development and reporting expenses manageable in their highly competitive niche.