EDIMS: Helping Medical Groups and Hospitals Maximize Productivity

EDIMS, a management systems company with over $200 million in revenue, uses Izenda to bring reports and dashboards to hospitals and long-term care facilities. EDIMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha Physician Resources, an independent, full-service physician practice management firm that helps medical groups and hospitals maximize the service quality, productivity and profitability of emergency departments (EDs).

Guided by a team of over 350 practicing ED professionals, EDIMS delivers high acuity best practices to hospitals through its interoperable ED information management systems. Its electronic health record solutions are used at 39 hospitals and long-term care facilities across the country, providing comprehensive computer physician order entry (CPOE), real-time charge capture, and full documentation of ED-patient encounters.

The company has organized a virtual team of board certified Emergency Department physicians, RNs, pharmacists, medical malpractice attorneys, risk management professionals and medical malpractice insurance representatives to develop and review all EDIMS templates, order sets, macros and clinical pearls. Their team of practicing professionals ensures that EDIMS clinical decision support is the most comprehensive in the industry.

“One of the key things we were seeking to offer our clients was automated delivery of their key reports....Izenda gave us this option, without us having to reinvent the wheel.”

Christian Mueller Director of Data Operations and Management, EDIMS

Fast Business Intelligence Deployment

For EDIMS, offering existing and new customers ad hoc reporting was critical, adding value to the existing systems end users already use every day. EDIMS sought a flexible reporting solution with real time graphs, charts and dashboards that could be created on and accessed with any device, from any location. But limits on time and personnel meant they needed this without having to build it themselves.

EDIMS choose Izenda because it dissolved their time limitations; they did not need to hire more developers and wait months or years for it to go live. Instead, Izenda was deployed quickly into the EDIMS management systems, giving end users the ability to access their data in real-time, via dashboards and ad hoc reports. Hospital and clinic administrators can set different levels of access and security for the various teams, and specify what data is shared across facilities and across departments.

Fully Compliant Reporting in Real Time

“One of the key things we were seeking to offer our clients was automated delivery of their key reports, and updates in real time. Izenda gave us this option, without us having to reinvent the wheel and build a module ourselves,” said Christian Mueller, Director of Data Operations and Management at EDIMS.

The result? Browser-based reporting — without heavy IT requirements or formal training. Real time dashboards provides EDIMS clients working in busy hospital and clinic environments with key reports, automatically delivered. A member of the billing team can adjust a report used by ER physicians, view results, then share it with their team. All while remaining 100% HIPAA compliant every step of the way.