Essette: Answering the Need for Healthcare Reporting

Essette provides web-based healthcare management software with a suite of integration-ready modules that provide care management, population health management, appeals and grievances processing, and more. The independent software vendor first delivered analytics for their applications in tabular, mainframe style reports that lacked self-service functionality like drill downs or dashboards that their customers needed.

Fast Analytics for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations usually do not have enough technical staff to meet their reporting needs. Izenda’s business intelligence platform powers the company’s new feature, Essette Dashboard, that gives end users an embedded, automated data visualization tool. This addition to the Essette Suite speeds and simplifies data-driven analysis to provide healthcare organizations with the information needed to make prompt decisions.

“It was clear our clients needed a graphical reporting tool like Izenda,” explains Essette COO/CTO Grant Gaudette. “Demands on today’s healthcare organizations require they simultaneously meet the needs of auditors, management teams and boards. We’ve met those challenges by embedding Izenda BI into our application. The real power is the ability for everyday users to create their own reports.”

“Izenda’s licensing and technology model aligns perfectly with ours.”

Grant GaudetteCOO/CTO, Essette

Cost Savings from Self-Service Dashboards

Powered by Izenda’s data visualizations, Essette Dashboard gives users the ability to easily sift through the enormous amount of data captured by Essette applications to identify trends and outliers. Organizations that adopt Essette Dashboard may benefit from cost savings, since users get insight into their data without the need to hire additional IT staff to write reports. Research has shown that a BI platform with self-service reporting also delivers high ROI by saving time and reducing errors.

Essette Dashboard’s new, combined technology is a great success. “After completing an exhaustive search for BI tools, our ultimate decision was very clear,” Gaudette said. “Adding Izenda to the Essette software suite is another big advantage to our already industry-leading solution. Izenda’s licensing and technology model aligns perfectly with ours. Plus, the power that Izenda gives our end-users is exactly what our clients want. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”