Flairsoft: Embedding Analytics for Real-Time Negotiations

Flairsoft is a global information technology firm specializing in e-business, systems integration and business process re-engineering. Flairdocs is a suite of cradle-to-grave solutions that support property lifecycle management with end-to-end tracking and business process automation for all aspects of Right-of-Way acquisition and land management projects. The company’s first reporting tool lacked self-service functionality like report creation, requiring Flairsoft developers to create custom reports for every customer.

Real-Time Property and Right-of-Way Negotiations

Customers relied on a manual, paper-based process to track negotiations and manage compliance before using Flairdocs, which integrates with Izenda’s self-service embedded BI platform to provide data analytics. Property agents had no analytics for insight into prevailing property values, so they could not effectively negotiate. This created delays as well in sharing the latest versions of documents, creating unacceptable risk in meeting regulatory compliance.

“Powerful BI capabilities provide the insight needed to make in-the-moment strategic decisions.”

Nick KulshresthaVice President of Operations, Flairsoft

Flairsoft knew their customers needed insight in the field for real-time, on-site right-of-way property negotiations and for property lifecycle management for all aspects of right-of-way acquisition and land management projects. Embedding self-service BI and analytics simplified the process for data insight that the government and utility companies need to advance critical projects.

Embedded BI Drives Insight for Effective Negotiations

Digitizing and streamlining what traditionally was a paper-based process created greater efficiency and improves regulatory compliance. Users leverage the embedded analytics interface to create reports and dashboards in real time in the field and share the output with managers, stakeholders, regulators and other interested parties immediately. These features enable smarter negotiations in real time.

“Not only does this automation and inclusion of approved documentation within the application workflow and notification eliminate clerical errors and potential legal issues, but powerful business intelligence and data analytics capabilities provide the insight needed to make in-the-moment strategic decisions imperative to effective negotiations,” said Nick Kulshrestha, Vice President of Operations at Flairsoft.

Izenda integrates with the Flairdocs’ security model to manage user roles and access rights to BI functionality and data. Support for multitenancy makes it easier for Flairdocs’ users to manage and monitor large projects and growth as the company scales and enhances its ability to meet compliance mandates. Real-time analytics supports strategic negotiations in real time in the field, so fair prices are reached.

Organizations can more efficiently teach the art of successfully negotiating an easement agreement with a property owner by using Flairdocs with embedded analytics to review experienced agents’ negotiations. The analytics integration reduced training expenses by up to $500,000 per year. New employees can view interactive dashboards that demonstrate proven methods and strategies.