Georgia DNR: Better Decisions on Resource Allocation

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) came to Izenda with a dilemma. In an era of shrinking budgets, they needed information that would help them make better decisions about resource allocation. Specifically, the organization needed to understand what incidents were taking place on the grounds of the 63 state parks they operated, so they could identify security staffing needs. Because the information was maintained in separate locations, the DNR needed a flexible, web-based business intelligence solution.

BI Functionality for SMBs and Other Organizations

In researching BI tools, the DNR contacted many software vendors, most of whom offered solutions designed for enterprise customers with dedicated IT staff. These applications tended to be inflexible and offered too much functionality for a small organization that relied on non-technical users to run reports. Most reporting solutions offered canned reports that required regular redesigns.

In contrast, Izenda’s easily created and modified reports did not require heavy involvement from IT or vendor resources. As an organization not looking to increase their investment in IT staff, the DNR needed a product that required minimal training for non-technical users, could grow and adapt to the organization’s needs, and worked without requiring installation of client software. Izenda’s embedded ad hoc reporting solution delivered all of this.

“The success we’ve had with this software is a testament to the quality, power and flexibility of Izenda’s ad-hoc technology.”

Edwill HolcombOperations Analyst, Georgia DNR

Flexibility and Pricing That Meets Their Needs

Now users can create, change and run reports themselves, without relying on over-extended IT personnel. “The success we’ve had with this software is a testament to the quality, power and flexibility of Izenda’s ad-hoc technology,” said DNR Operations Analyst Edwill Holcomb.

And, while many business intelligence solutions require a significant financial investment, Izenda was able to provide a complete ad hoc reporting solution at a lower cost of ownership than other business intelligence solutions.