Delivering Clarity to HCM Customers

A leading provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software  helps their customers manage the wide range of human resources functionality faced by today’s enterprises. Those customers increasingly rely on data and analytics inside their daily operations.

Improving ROI with Analytics

Like many industries, Human Capital Management relies on data and analytics not only for daily operations, but also to identify trends that ultimately impact ROI.

Our client’s trademarked software suite helps their customers reduce the costs and time spent on HCM functions. When it came to help with an embedded reporting solution, they turned to Izenda.

By integrating Izenda’s BI and Analytics into their software, our client was able to provide clients with a seamless, fully mobile platform in which they can perform self-service business analysis on HR, payroll, benefits, attendance and more.

Clients gain greater clarity in the factors and trends that affect their workforce, without having to exit the branded, recognizable application.

“Izenda’s business intelligence solution is a strategic complement to our eHCM Suite.”

David FiaccoPresident and COO, PeopleStrategy

Security is a Priority

Payroll and other HCM data is highly sensitive.

Izenda’s ability to adopt the existing security model and provide security down to the database row level was an important reason for this large partner in the selection of Izenda.

In addition, Izenda’s intuitive platform empowered our partner to give clients reports and dashboards that are easy for beginning business users, yet robust enough to support power users.

End users now report on and explore data without the help of IT, freeing  development resources to work on other initiatives.

“Izenda’s business intelligence solution is a strategic complement to our eHCM Suite,” said David Fiacco, President and COO.