IDSTC utilizes embedded analytics to increase software sales

International Direct Selling Technology Corporation (IDSTC) is an industry pioneer in cloud-based technology for the direct selling industry, which includes party plan and multi-level marketing companies. Small businesses and large enterprises alike rely on the IDSTC global operations and compensation platform to optimize their direct-to-customer sales and processing.

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Key Metrics

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We use Izenda for more than just reporting and business intelligence. We are also leveraging the Izenda engine to generate order invoices, create packing slips and print commission checks, all with configurations for different business units, countries, languages and currencies. We’re literally exploiting just about every possible way to use the system.

Ian CordellCEO, IDSTC


IDSTC delivers a fully-integrated global operations and compensation platform with a unique architecture built to drive multi-channel ecommerce and increased sales performance. With a focus on optimizing operational efficiency through their leading sales force tools, IDSTC works with a range of companies to support rapid development in direct-to-consumer sales.

To enable their customers to generate and optimize custom reporting within application interfaces, IDSTC needed a platform that could be fully and seamlessly embedded into their existing technology, quickly and cost effectively.

The Challenge

IDSTC emerged to meet the software and technology needs of the growing direct selling industry. Seizing the opportunity to build a unique solution in the marketplace, the company designed a fully modern platform based on years of industry experience. A key component for their solution was ad hoc data reporting and business intelligence.

Serving both small business clients that require full management as well as larger companies requiring a wide range of functionality, it was necessary for IDSTC to incorporate a highly customizable and cost-effective reporting platform to meet the unique demands of their client base.

Key Challenges

Embed a reporting platform into the existing software with a turnkey or bundled solution.

Create a final product that is fully customizable based on the client’s needs.

Provide end users with intuitive report creation that doesn’t require IT assistance.

The Solution

Incorporating Izenda inside their software allowed IDSTC to differentiate themselves within their market niche and gave them an edge over their competition. IDSTC’s Flight platform now provides customers with a wide range of self-service reports to meet their business needs, including merchant account transaction reports, comprehensive reporting on downlines, compensation payouts, and much more.

“There’s a variety of different ways that a client enjoys the benefits of Izenda,” says Ian Cordell, CEO. “We have a comprehensive and growing library of reports that we publish through Izenda. Our clients can also access all of their data and build their own reports on demand with the report builder we’ve made native in our application. Of course, we’ll create custom reports for our clients, customizing from the ground up, when needed.”

Izenda is a fundamental part of our sales story and a huge differentiator. In our application you're getting Izenda BI solutions embedded with our technologies and that is a competitive advantage for us and our clients. As expected, it's one of the key reasons we're having so much success with our new Flight platform.

Ian CordellCEO, IDSTC

The Future

When choosing an application to embed within their software, IDSTC knew that customization was going to be the deciding factor. “Our next leap for Izenda will be creating custom dashboard views by role and building the UIs to manage them,” says Cordell. “Evolving the dashboard functionality is a big deal not only for snapshot information availability, but it also creates a sizzle factor for demos and displays where you can demonstrate the management of dashboard reporting.”