Jenzabar: Modern BI Accelerates Adoption

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Customer Adoption

In First 3 Months
In First 9 Months

Jenzabar is a leading provider of enterprise software, strategies, and services developed exclusively for higher education. Its integrated, innovative solutions advance the goals of academic and administrative offices across the campus and throughout the student lifecycle. Jenzabar’s mission is to maximize their clients’ success. As a trusted partner on more than 1,000 campuses worldwide, Jenzabar has over four decades of experience supporting the higher education community.

From a Desktop to a Web-Based Application

The organization had a legacy reporting tool, Sybase’s Infomarker, that didn’t fit the new, modern Jenzabar EX application. That ad hoc reporting tool for the old product line couldn’t integrate with the new application and didn’t fit its modern, responsive design. It looked like older tech. With the design of a new version of Jenzabar EX moving from a desktop application to a modern, web-based platform, requirements were all about mobile design and dashboards. Jenzabar wanted an intuitive, modern looking design for their users. When SAP bought Sybase, licensing changes and costs exceeded the necessary ROI for Jenzabar.

“Izenda’s web-based solution is helping our clients report far faster than before. It’s a game changer for both system administrators and end users.”

Sam Burgio Executive VP/GM, Jenzabar

A Pricing Model That Works for ISVs

Jenzabar chose Izenda’s BI & analytics platform for web reporting in its Jenzabar EX application, which makes it easy for users to create ad hoc reports, dashboards, and visualizations. Jenzabar likes Izenda’s subscription model with no per user or core fees that supports aggressive growth without additional cost. The BI solution was available as an enterprise license with no core license fees. Jenzabar is able to monetize services when the organization can sell the BI and analytics platform as a value added feature to increase ROI.

High Adoption Rate and Happier Customers

Higher education institutions that use Jenzabar EX say they have found departments are sharing more information than ever before because Izenda is so intuitive. “Our Admissions and Advancement officers love Izenda. They pull reports in the field, to look at everything from basic student data to drawing correlations between key influencers,” said Matt Witkowski, Data & Reporting Specialist at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Don Fluke, the Director of IT at Grace College & Seminary said, “Izenda is so easy to set up and use. I created a single view that joins all the data Student Affairs and Housing have ever requested. They can filter on any data elements and they have everything they need.” Jenzabar leadership is happy with this kind of post-implementation review. “Izenda’s web-based solution is helping our clients report far faster than before. It’s a game changer for both system administrators and end users,” said Sam Burgio, Jenzabar Executive VP/GM.

Fueled by the intuitive and easy to use interface, adoption of the solution by Jenzabar clients has accelerated with over 75 institutions adopting in just three months. That brings total sales to more than 200 in just the first three quarters of 2015. Approximately half of the company’s existing customers have already opted to upgrade.