Pareto Business Group: Enterprise Functionality for SMBs

Pareto Business Group, a software development firm, needed to provide enterprise-level functionality for small to mid-sized businesses. The Windsor, Ontario-based ISV develops enterprise resource planning applications for a variety of industries, including publishing, distribution and entertainment.

Enterprise ERP Functionality for SMBs

Pareto’s customers wanted business intelligence in the form of reports, dashboards and visualizations. The Canadian company found what its customers needed in the Izenda platform. The economics of Izenda’s offering made it possible to distribute Pareto’s value-added application – now complete with a business intelligence solution – to smaller businesses, while still providing the depth of functionality usually found in enterprise applications. Izenda’s integrated self-service embedded business intelligence platform includes pixel-perfect document generation from Izenda Forms and modern visualizations with Izenda Vision.

“Izenda offers enterprise features that small businesses can afford.”

Christian CooperChief Technology Officer, Pareto

Secure Data Discovery

Pareto now can offer their customers secure data discovery through this business intelligence solution, without replicating databases or managing security models. Pareto Chief Technology Officer Christian Cooper said he is confident that Izenda’s seamless software integration will help make Pareto a more agile company.

“This gives us what our users need in an effective and timely manner. It’s now easy to drill-down and explore data in real-time, giving businesses more time for analysis and less time creating reports,” Cooper said. “Izenda offers enterprise features that small businesses can afford. We’re embarking on a partnership that we’re very excited about.”