Strategic America Transitions to Izenda 7, Lightening Its Developer Workload and Increasing Value

Strategic America is a full-service, integrated advertising agency that focuses on field marketing, brand building, and customer engagement. Leveraging Izenda’s legacy platform (which insiders know as the Izenda 6 Series), this organization gave clients unique insights, uncovered by data and then brought to life by detailed analytics. However—after transitioning to Izenda 7—Strategic America made serving its clients only that much easier.

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Izenda has not only helped with creating reports but also has made our developers’ lives easier. It’s a win-win for everybody. End users are able to create their own reports whereas for developers, it’s very easy to integrate within the application, build data sources, and just sit back and relax.

Sid ShrivastavSenior Software Engineer, Strategic America

The Challenge

For years, Strategic America used the previous Izenda platform in its proprietary account management software. This application empowered their team to deliver analytics to a wide range of clients and create reports on ever-growing streams of marketing data.

However, like all businesses, Strategic America’s needs shifted over time—and the organization realized it needed to reevaluate how it created reports.

“We were writing SQL queries to run reports, but this was too time consuming, and we were not spending enough time on our application,” said senior software engineer Sid Shrivastav.

When it came to lightening the developer workload and creating value, Strategic America needed a streamlined, easy-to-use platform that embedded reports and dashboards within their current workflow to provide detailed analytics and end user self-service.

The Solution: Transitioning to Izenda 7

The solution to Strategic America’s challenges came when Shrivastav encountered Izenda 7. Although unfamiliar with the new, rewritten platform, it wasn’t long before he downloaded the MVC starter kit—building reports and experiencing the new platform for himself.

Shrivastav was blown away.

From immediately previewing reports to using calculated fields, Izenda’s new software provided the capabilities his team needed.

While Shrivastav and company decision-makers explored further BI solutions, the team realized other options couldn’t match the capabilities of Izenda’s new platform…and a decision was made.

Strategic America would transition to Izenda 7.

The Results: An Empowered and Engaged Team

Embedding Izenda 7 was seamless.

And, after making the transition, Strategic America began experiencing the positive results of Izenda’s new intuitive interface, powerful functionality, and robust personalization.

We have been very pleased on how this product has been received by our internal team. We have our account team showing interest in learning Izenda, wanting to be involved with our team, which has helped us tremendously with our work load. We can’t wait for this to grow when we go live for external users next year.

Sid ShrivastavSenior Software Engineer, Strategic America

But a decreased workload wasn’t the only benefit the development team experienced.

Thanks to Izenda’s robust capabilities, Strategic America created its own SQL script and enjoyed a new scheduling feature…no longer limited to one scheduled instance per report. Not to mention, the organization plans to soon provide external reporting for its clients.

While transitioning from the legacy platform to Izenda 7 brought about several positive changes, one thing remained the same: Izenda’s stellar client support.

As Shrivastav explained, “You can get service anywhere, but the problem comes when you need some help, and I have been amazed by Izenda’s customer service.”

It’s something Izenda is committed to as a company—no matter what software version our clients choose.