TicketReturn: Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Box Office

TicketReturn is a leading provider of box office and online ticketing services, with innovative event marketing, access control, attendance reporting, accounting and fund-raising features for sports and entertainment venues nationwide. The Charlotte, NC-based company services more than 130 venues in 40 U.S. states and British Columbia, and issues more than 22 million tickets annually.

Since it was founded in 2001, TicketReturn has also become the largest single provider of ballpark ticketing services in Minor League Baseball (MiLB), and is licensed by Major League Baseball Advanced Media to provide online ticketing to fans at www.milb.com affiliate websites. TicketReturn’s diverse range of client venues includes theaters, casino showrooms, motorsports and horse racing facilities, university arenas and sports stadiums. This wide variety reflects the scalability and ease of use of its products. The company also provides custom online student ticketing services for the Universities of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, as well as Georgia Tech, NC State and University of Pittsburgh, to name a few.

TicketReturn is a pioneer in paperless Card Access Ticketing, which allows a single encoded card to serve as a season or partial-season ticket for any number of events. These cards come with online ticket management services such as ticket forwarding, exchange, donation and resale.

Facing the Build vs Buy Decision

TicketReturn was looking for integration with a web-based ad-hoc reporting tool for PatronPro, their new Donor Management, Fundraising and Priority Seating software module. TicketReturn considered building their own reporting interface, but decided it would be more efficient to look at embeddable reporting options.

The solution had to give application end users the flexibility to add and change filters and fields on reports. In addition, the requirements also included charting, scheduling and export functionality.

By integrating Izenda into PatronPro, TicketReturn was able to embed a full set of ad hoc reporting functionality, fully customized inside their application. The solution returns a host of benefits to TicketReturn. End users require significantly less development time to build reports, which can be changed or created with just a few clicks. Reporting can be deployed in both on-premise and hosted implementations, and includes best in class features like scheduled reporting and visualizations.