Verizon Wireless:
Making Users Self-Sufficient

Verizon Wireless, which owns and operates the second-largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States, needed reporting capabilities fast for their Corporate Tax Department. After researching their options, they found that the Izenda platform provided the features they needed to deliver ad hoc reporting to their end users.

Affordable, Instant ROI

After using Izenda during a one month implementation, John D’Angio of Verizon Wireless’ Corporate Tax Department confirmed, “It saved us months of development time had we tried to build the functionality in-house.” The department estimated that it saved many hours of development expenses. Before using Izenda it took Verizon’s Corporate Tax Department about a week to change a report, test it and migrate it to production using another more limited reporting tool to query from SQL Server. With Izenda, the entire process is performed in minutes. The department users who looked at the Izenda implementation found the reporting UX intuitive.

It saved us months of development time had we tried to build the functionality in-house.

John D’AngioVerizon Wireless’ Corporate Tax Department

No Client Software, No IT Report Development Time

Verizon’s Corporate Tax Department projects that the long-term benefits of using Izenda will include reducing the amount of user support for creating and modifying reports and practically eliminating IT report development time. Since the department incorporated Izenda as the self-service reporting platform for their application, it has allowed them to focus valuable development resources on their application’s presentation layer and business logic. Saving time and making use of efficient resources allows Verizon Wireless to continue to offer its customers outstanding service at competitive prices. D’Angio says that he would definitely recommend Izenda to other companies.