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Ongoing Innovation in Business Intelligence

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Business intelligence (BI) is analysis that determines the key performance indicators to drive business forward. Properly implemented, business intelligence can be used for everything from providing more value to customers to predicting outcomes and finding trends in the market.

With more and more businesses recognizing the importance of BI software for their productivity and profitability, software as a service (SaaS) companies are constantly challenged to come up with new business intelligence and innovative ways to meet demands. Read More

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10 Ways to Improve Operations with BI

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Business intelligence, or BI, plays a vital role in the planning and strategy of a business. It provides many benefits for an organization, from measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), performing quantitative analyses, and identifying consumer insights, to providing an organization a massive opportunity to multiply revenue.

Harnessing the all the abilities of business intelligence requires the appropriate BI software, as well as an understanding of the ways to use BI. Here are 10 ways BI software can improve the operations in your organization. Read More

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3 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your BI Software

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Businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of business intelligence (BI) software and how it can streamline processes. Over time, simple data reporting tools have evolved into complex software with immense capabilities, opening up the possibilities for how these tools can be used to advance your business.

Still, not every BI tool can deliver on promises and give you the capabilities you need. If you’re looking to upgrade BI software, here are some things to consider.

Software Capability

All BI software is not created equal. Each vendor offers different features and benefits, as well as different subscription options. If you’re not careful, you could end up with limited capabilities, restrictions on users, or additional fees that outweigh the benefits of upgrading.

To get the most out of your BI software upgrade, choose a vendor with a cost-effective pricing model that allows you to scale. It’s also important to consider the total cost of ownership of the system and any additional expenses that add to the cost, which impacts your ROI. Ideally, you want software that provides you with unlimited data, unlimited servers, and unlimited users without tacking on exorbitant fees.

Updated Visuals

A vital aspect of embedded BI is data visualization. Your BI software should stay relevant by offering a fresh interface and an optimized aesthetic for your report, which helps it make sense to end users and provides them with the in-depth analyses they need.

Look for software options that include multiple chart capabilities, interactive mapping, KPIs, color conditioning formatting, linear gauges, and other enhanced features to enrich your reporting. The more customizable the visualizations are, the more they benefit your end users, and by extension, your business.

Service Provider

With BI numbers soaring through the roof, new SaaS, or software as a service, companies are springing up all over and selling their products. While a newer company doesn’t necessarily mean a bad product, your business is too important to leave up to chance.

Service providers that have been in business for a while can provide you with better features and service, however. Over years of learning and developing their product, they’ve already identified and addressed the issues to create a better option to serve your needs.

It’s also important to choose a service provider you trust. If you need help or run into issues, you’ll be thankful for a service provider with steady, reliable, human customer service support. When it comes time to choose a provider, look for one with a customer success team in place and a reputation for stellar service.

Upgrade Your BI Software

Upgrading your BI software offers numerous benefits for your business, provided you choose the right software to suit your needs. With these tips, you can find the option that combines the features, capabilities, and services to help your business go further.

With Izenda, you’ll not only get enhanced BI software, but you’ll also have a product you can be proud of. Our software solutions organize your data into visually stunning reports and dashboards that are completely customizable, all within our transparent pricing model. Take a look at what we have to offer and request your demo today!

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7 Reasons to Implement a BI Solution in 2019

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Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to make informed business decisions. Businesses use BI to predict significant events and monitor business needs in real time in order to react quickly to a changing environment.

With effective business intelligence, you can improve the decision-making process across departments and executives to improve the strategic management processes. Here are some of the main reasons to implement a BI solution in 2019. Read More

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Introduce BI Software Effectively in 5 Steps

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Businesses have access to plenty of data about customers, prospects, suppliers, competitors, business process, and much more, which can make it difficult to leverage data to gain actionable insights. Business intelligence (BI) software is a solution to these challenges that enables businesses to transform this flood of data into information that can increase productivity and profitability.

Find out how to effectively introduce BI software into your organization in five steps. Read More

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Embedding Izenda – Experience the Difference

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As a business owner, your time is precious. Taking the time for coding and individual analytics requests not only pulls you from your core competencies, but it also wastes your valuable resources.

Fortunately, Izenda has the business intelligence solution to all your needs. Learn more about our embedded BI software benefits and features and see what sets us apart from the competition. Read More

Preventative Analytics: BI Beyond Reporting

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While most business owners are focusing on saving money and improving effectiveness with their business intelligence (BI) software, it’s not being used to its fullest potential if the focus is on optimizing existing processes. If you’re optimizing outdated processes, you may find that the processes can be eliminated entirely by a new approach to the problem.

So, instead of focusing on reporting, turn your attention to prediction and prevention for better business success. Read More

Say Hello to Better Business With BI Software

Say Hello to Better Business With BI Software

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Business intelligence (BI) may be thought of as statistics and reports, but true potential for your business lies beneath the surface. BI tools harness the power of your data, which can be used to tackle the biggest business challenges.

Learn how different BI solution categories can meet different business analytics needs, so you can get the most out of your BI software. Read More