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Embedded Analytics: Potential Challenges & A Plan for Success

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Any operational change brings about challenges often caused by nothing more than a lack of familiarity. It is, therefore, critical for software companies to understand the specific needs of the end users of their product. During the setup and customization process, embedded analytics can be specifically tailored according to the needs and role of the end user, ensuring the seamless integration of embedded analytics within the end user’s regular workflow.

If the end user’s workflow is for example, by having to navigate to a separate analytics UI, or by using one with a design unlike their application, the likelihood of adverse consequences increases, lowering adoption, engagement and renewal rates. Read More

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Will Embedded Analytics Die in 2019?

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The true definition of an ’embedded analytics’ platform is getting lost in translation. It’s importance, however, increases exponentially quarter-over-quarter.

In reality, fully embeddable BI platforms are in more demand than ever before. Businesses are spending more on embedded analytics, rather than traditional BI tools, and many businesses are looking for embedded analytics within existing applications they already use. Read More

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Embedded Analytics for Application Vendors

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Embedded analytics offers many benefits to end-users, but it also offers scalability and revenue to the companies providing analytics to their clients. These benefits can influence customer decision-making, generate new clients, and significantly improve your bottom line.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of an embedded analytics solution for application vendors. Read More

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Using Embedded Analytics to Multiply Revenue

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If you want your software business to grow, you need more revenue. Many companies are already relying on software applications for many of their business needs, so software vendors have endless opportunities to generate revenue from extensions of their software.

Embedded analytics and embedded business intelligence (BI) are two excellent tools for enhancing your software application features to generate more revenue for your business. Read More

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It’s Time: Update Your Embedded Analytics

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As we turn the corner on the new year, we eagerly anticipate the many changes to come in technology, specifically embedded analytics. In a rapidly developing environment, even the savviest of software is starting to show its age, giving way to new and innovative solutions that are poised to take businesses further than ever before.

Don’t get swept away by the tech wave. Take a look at the new technology trends for 2019 and see how updating your embedded analytics platform can benefit your business. Read More

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Embedded Analytics Can Empower Sales Teams with Data-Driven Insights

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Metrics provide critical insight into the performance of every organizational sales team.  From your team’s number of outreaches to their average response time, gathering and interpreting sales team data can uncover important patterns that fuel future success.  Passionate about driving sales performance with data-driven insights?

Don’t be so quick to rely on your current sales team software.

Just because sales representatives create reports in your current application doesn’t mean that they’re experiencing the full power of data-driven insights. In fact, your sales team may be suffering from limited data—which stunts their ability to make better decisions and improve growth.  

Here’s what you need to know…   Read More

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Embedded Analytics – Worth the Hype?

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Harnessing the power of data is about more than dashboards. With the right BI tools, many departments and individuals within your organization can benefit from the insights of your data, but they may not want to deal with dashboards. This is where embedded analytics comes into play.

Embedded analytics can refer to many different tools, but the overarching idea is identifying the right data points and putting them in the hands of the right people, when they need them most.

So, is the idea of embedding analytics worth the hype? Read More

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Embedded Analytics on the Rise

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Recent years have seen an explosion of analytics in business. Corporations all over the world are using analytics tools, including business intelligence (BI), to gain better insights about their customers and predict the future of the market, leading to increased revenue. Embedded analytics is included with business applications more and more, offering a range of features designed to adapt to the changing demands of modern business owners.

Now, embedded analytics accounts for over half of the value of business applications, and applications without these features can’t compete with the current offerings. Also, as analytics becomes more common within business applications, developers are moving forward with more analytics features, like predictive analytics or interactive dashboards, to set themselves apart. Read More

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Improve UX With Embedded Analytics

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User experience (UX), or the overall experience a person has when using a product, is incredibly important in modern business. As a result, more and more developers are putting an emphasis on user experience and the potential impact it can have on end users.

If you want to boost your UX even further, however, embedded analytics is a must. This technology plays a significant role in user experience, which we’ll cover here. Read More

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Data Security – Implementing a BI Tool

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Facebook. T-Mobile. MyHeritage.

What do each of these organizations have in common?

In 2018, these companies hit the headlines due to data security breaches that affected millions of users.

Each news report of a cybersecurity breach underscores the importance of preventing unauthorized users from accessing the massive amount of data that flows through your organization.

And, as a software provider, there’s a reason you pay careful attention to the security of your application. Read More