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Free Reporting Tools Not Free: Uncover the Hidden Costs

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Free reporting tools are offered by some vendors and they have their rightful place, especially early on.

What must be addressed is their shortcomings and how it ultimately effects the big picture.

A lack of adaptability, usability and scalability eventually eats away at your organization’s funds potential ROI. Cut enormous costs and your workload over time by understanding where your free options fall short. Read More

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7 Reasons to Implement a BI Solution in 2019

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Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to make informed business decisions. Businesses use BI to predict significant events and monitor business needs in real time in order to react quickly to a changing environment.

With effective business intelligence, you can improve the decision-making process across departments and executives to improve the strategic management processes. Here are some of the main reasons to implement a BI solution in 2019. Read More

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5 Ways to Use Your Data Wisely with BI Software

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Business intelligence, or BI, is important for planning and strategy in your business operations. BI software involves the use of technology to identify, organize and analyze data to get a view of data in the past, present and future, which can be used to inform the decision-making process.

BI can be used for everything from tracking and measuring performance to identifying customer insights with data, so there are virtually limitless possibilities for your business. Read More

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How to Build a CMO Dashboard

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A CMO dashboard shows all the marketing data throughout the customer journey and provides an overview of marketing functions. This gives CMOs a clear, centralized location to access marketing performance and impact on the business.

Like other executive dashboards, a CMO dashboard is looking for fast, specific views into the metrics that are relevant to their department. They want to be able to see the areas for improvement and the areas that are excelling, based on the business data. With the metrics displayed in a dashboard, CMOs are able to gain insights to improve the performance of the marketing team, marketing strategies and overall growth of the company. Read More