Improve Client Satisfaction with BI

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With the increasing skepticism of consumers and the competitive market, client satisfaction is more important than ever, making an effective BI solution a most-wanted organizational asset. While it used to be merely another necessity of doing business, companies are starting to realize that providing excellent customer satisfaction is the best way to get a leg up on competitors.

Fortunately, data and analytics can take client satisfaction to the next level. With the right business intelligence, or BI, solution and insights, each and every interaction with clients can become more personalized and relevant, leading to increased customer trust and loyalty. Read More

Caution avoid these data pitfalls

4 Pitfalls of Embedded Analytics and How to Avoid Them

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Embedded analytics refers to the integration of analytic content and capabilities within business process applications. It provides relevant insights and analytics tools that allow users to work smarter and more efficiently.

Embedded analytics is a useful tool, but it’s important to understand what embedded analytics can and cannot do. Here are the four pitfalls of embedded analytics and how to avoid them. Read More

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Using Embedded Analytics to Multiply Revenue

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If you want your software business to grow, you need more revenue. Many companies are already relying on software applications for many of their business needs, so software vendors have endless opportunities to generate revenue from extensions of their software.

Embedded analytics and embedded business intelligence (BI) are two excellent tools for enhancing your software application features to generate more revenue for your business. Read More

How Do You Know Your Customers Are Satisfied? Ask Them

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Customer satisfaction surveyIt seems that everyone has figured out the best way to get direct customer feedback: a questionnaire. You get them at the grocery store, you get them at the drive through, you even get them at the movie theater, so why shouldn’t you be giving one out as well to see how your business is doing? Here are some best practices for creating your own B2B survey to see how your customers think that you are doing. Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Agile IT

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Agile developmentAgile is gaining in popularity among IT developers and departments around the world for a reason: To put it simply, Agile works. When you use it, your projects run more smoothly and time constraints are more manageable, no matter what project management framework you are using.

Project managers are seeing that agile works. Trending now in SD Times is a look back at 2015 that says “Agile was the New Norm in 2015,” which shows the popularity of this approach to developing software projects.



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