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Data Visualization: The Functional Art of Business

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Data-driven decisions are dominating the business world, but making sense of massive amounts of data can still be a challenge without the right tools.

Data visualization refers to the presentation of data in a graphical or pictorial format. Presenting data in this way can enable decision-makers to see a visual representation of data and digest complicated concepts more easily, allowing data to be used as productively as possible.

Find out the unique advantages of digestible data visualization and how it can enhance insights and provide more information than standard analysis. Read More

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How to Identify KPIs Worth Monitoring

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Looking at something like a sheet of earnings figures for the past two years can be hard to sum up. Turning that data into a graph of month-over-month earnings growth suddenly paints a picture of a company that’s on the move. Or, that same data can be cross-compared to the number of clients the company currently has, revealing that revenues-per-client have actually gone down.
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Embedded Maps Give Your Users More Data Insights

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Sometimes a map offers the best opportunity to understand those metrics you’ve been following. Izenda comes with Highchart’s Highmaps fully integrated and ready to use, part of the extensible library of powerful visualizations available in our platform. It gives you high-level and regional geographic breakdowns of every country, as well as state, province and county (or parish) breakdowns within the United States and Canada. You also get the latitude and longitude coordinates for countries, regions, counties, cities and postal codes.
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Top 5 Data Visualizations

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Visualizations enable you to explore data in new ways. They allow you to create images, diagrams or animations and communicate data in an appealing and visual way. When we can explore the data and communicate through the images, we can understand it better. Understanding the data improves your ability to make better decisions.

Looking at visualizations makes the data clear and compelling to the user, and many times easier to understand than a bunch of numbers. Depending on the data you are looking for, you will want to use a different visualization to accurately portray that data. Read More

Is There Life Beyond Reporting?

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Business intelligence and analyticsHow much of your time do you spend writing custom reports? Probably too much. It isn’t what you signed up for when you decided you wanted to be a developer. Well, leave the reporting to the end users with a self-service business intelligence platform, and start looking at other things that are much more interesting. Here are some topics to look into for 2016. Read More