Companies Embedding BI See Insight at the Point of Decision

By embedding BI, Izenda puts insight at the point of decisionOrganizations need the ability to empower every employee to make real-time, data-driven decisions. Business users need insight at the point of decision to create value.

To empower business users requires giving them access to the data they need when they need it. We can’t forget to give them the means to act on it. Software companies that embed self-service BI and analytics into core business application workflows let end users see data in real time for analysis. This enables them to make better business decisions through using the application’s analytics. That’s giving them insight at the point of decision.

Our customers confirm that embedding BI into their core applications generates many benefits. For the software company, an embedded analytics platform can speed deployment of improved self-service analytics in the core application. That’s only if they choose a qualified BI vendor.

Software companies add value to their applications with the integration of embedded analytics. Their customers now expect them to deliver analytics.

For the companies licensing their software, getting embedded BI sets up a path to greater growth and success. Putting analytics into the workflow of the application used every day speeds its adoption. That’s because embedding brings more satisfaction by keeping it within the daily workflow. It increases the number of application users who make use of the embedded BI platform. User adoption and engagement with the analytics solution helps create a data-driven organization. Adopting this perspective promises more growth as the insight promotes better decisions

When a company empowers business end users with embedded self-service BI, another benefit results. This lightens the workload for software companies’ developers and the rest of IT. They won’t spend their days creating report after report for end users.

But it won’t be enough to supply users with a simple view-only report. To supply insight at the point of decision, those users need much more. Companies need to enable them to generate new reports, dashboards and visualizations. The answers that one report provides will raise more questions. Users can only answer those new questions if they can create their own reports and dashboards. An added benefit is freeing your developers to work on your application’s features. Successful organizations enable personalization of analytics for users and roles within the organization.

Business user empowerment should be your goal. Accomplishing this requires you to provide them with the data they need when they need it, and the means to act on it. Embedding BI into core business application workflows is key to providing what is necessary to deliver better results. An ideal analytics solution enables a company to configure the analytics solution per user role and permissions to set the boundaries of functionality that match their positions and needs within the organization.  And this puts insight at the point of decision, right where it belongs. All of these factor into increase user adoption.

Embedding BI Enables Users to Find Answers within their Workflow

Izenda’s embedded analytics platform puts insight at the point of decision by providing software product teams with a modern self-service BI solution. Purpose built for software companies, solutions providers and their customers, Izenda integrates seamlessly with applications to deliver BI and analytics directly to the people who need it most – business application end users who want to easily analyze, visualize and share valuable data and insights in real time. Izenda’s seamless integration enables them to stay within the business application they use daily so they never need to leave their regular workflow.

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