Customizing Reports in Izenda Reports

By November 12, 2010For Developers, Tips

The majority of users wanted to create their own report with start by making tweaks to existing report before they create new ones from scratch. This article shows you examples on how to make a simple customization view in the Demo Report Viewer and a more advanced customization via the Report Designer. We’ll use a financial report based on orders in the Northwind sample database as an example.

Making a Simple Customization via the Report Viewer

  1. Click on the Finance report under Departmental Reports.
  2. At the top of the screen, just under the Toolbar, change “OrderDate” to the “ShipRegion” in the Pivot field.
  3. Notice that you’ve now changed this quarterly report to a regional report.

Making an Advanced Customization via the Report Designer

  1. On the Demo Report List page, hover over the finance report and click the pencil to the left of the word “Finance”
  2. First, change the third field from Freight to OrderID.
  3. Change its Sum to Count.
  4. Change $0.00 to “…”
  5. Now towards the bottom of the screen, change “Calculate cell values on” from Freight to OrderID.
  6. Change Sum on that line to Count, and finally change $0.00 to “…”.
  7. The report now shows order counts instead of total freight costs.