Dashboard Reveals $3.6M Mistake in Real Time

Izenda dashboardsHow many times have you been in a meeting when a questions is asked that you just can’t answer? You know there is a way to get the answer, but it’s not at your fingertips.

For business intelligence and analytics, you might need a specialist in IT or a DBA to manage the data and create a report for you to gain additional knowledge. Even then, what you requested may not be enough to provide the correct answers for the business. You’ll find yourself saying, “I’ll get back to you on that” at the worst time.

If you have a business intelligence and analytics platform, you might be able to eventually connect the right data to find the answer. But asking IT for help to build another dashboard or report adds even more delay to an already exasperating situation.

What if you could create reports and dashboards on the fly in real time, using your mobile device in a fully responsive environment? Wouldn’t it be nice if, when your boss puts you on the spot with a vital analytics question, you could immediately dive into company data for the answer? Izenda’s embedded self-service business intelligence and analytics platform answers that need.

Shortly after a university system purchased the Izenda platform, a director was pulled into the board room for a meeting. The chair of the board said her report was great, but told her one field needed to be removed, another moved and a few other changes were necessary. The director used Izenda’s self-service platform to make all of those changes on the fly, so when the chairperson turned back to the screen, she saw the dashboard now matched what was required.

Not only that, but the director was able to emailed the changes to all attendees, as well as print a copy for each of them. A few simple fixes made with the drag-and-drop dashboard creation and viewing system made the director at this university a hero.

Is This Dashboard a Test?

While an Izenda team was on site at a government agency training them in the newly purchased platform’s dashboard creation and viewing system, an official in charge of its grants program came into the room. “This is test data, right?” she asked.

No, she was told, that was live data from the government agency. The official said she had to cut the meeting short because she spotted a mistake as it was being made – a check for $4 million was being cut instead of one for $400,000. Izenda’s real-time functionality enabled her to catch a big mistake in real time, before it became a problem.

Before that agency integrated Izenda’s BI and analytics platform, that single-digit data entry mistake would have been missed. Typically, the grant check would have been cut that afternoon and sent out that night. The data would have been uploaded at midnight, so the error wouldn’t be caught until the next day.

A business intelligence and analytics platform that puts users at any level in the company in the driver’s seat in the search for answers in the data makes for a stronger tool and empowers users.

Simple, drag-and-drop functionality and easy report creation and distribution lets users investigate their data in new ways, to solve business problems or obtain new insights – and maybe have a chance to be a data hero once in a while.

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