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Whether you need ongoing insights or ad hoc reports, our drag and drop interface makes it easy to get what you want when you want it.


Create dashboards that wow. Each user will be able to tell a full story with data to help them make smarter decisions every day.

browser view of an application's integrated BI dashboard


Real time data + self service
analytics = happy customers

From a critical presentation in the boardroom to a quick check via cellphone, users can create and share their own ad hoc reports, without having to rely on IT.

Our drag and drop platform makes your novice users feel confident but is robust enough to make your power users celebrate. Users can adjust functions, create groupings, format reports, set up filters, create pivot tables, calculate fields, add charts and data visualizations… basically, they can do anything their hearts’ desire when it comes to building the best reports.


Turn your reports into show-stopping dashboards.

Interact – Reinvent your user experience with rich dashboards, drill down reports, and data hierarchies.

Customize – Quickly deploy a library of prebuilt dashboards or an array of reusable report parts to provide users the ability to customize dashboards in real time.

Share – Enable users to share dashboards with each other, create private subscriptions, schedules, alerts, and more. Lock down dashboards through roles and access rights to ensure users get the right mix of features.

a cell phone and browser both displaying embedded analytics


Monetizing Embedded Business Intelligence

Embedding self-service business intelligence in your application can differentiate your product from the competitors – and increase your revenue. Learn how in this white paper.


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