Query Performance

There are several factors related to optimal query performance.

Optimized Data Model

Izenda moves as fast as your data allows.

  • Izenda leverages directly off reporting databases. Izenda by default does not store any data and is, therefore, a query executor and performs as efficiently as the databases that it sits on top of.
  • As of v3.3.0, Izenda provides an optional caching layer to improve performance, but this will store data either on the disk itself or in memory.
  • Provide views and stored procedures at the database layer whenever possible to streamline complex queries and data setup. Izenda allows for similar functionality to be built on-the-fly but this will ensure that the performance is specifically tailored to your data.

Izenda Fusion

Izenda allows users to connect to multiple databases and create relationships between them through a method known as Izenda Fusion.

  • Databases are not required to be on the same machine since each database has it’s own unique connection string
  • Databases do *not* have to be of the same type. For instance, you can “fuse” a MySQL Database with an Microsoft SQL Database.
  • Izenda’s Fusion engine leverages asynchronous querying in tandem with in memory query tree and map reduce technologies. This enables fast cross database querying and multi-step calculations.
  • Izenda can connect to and query multiple databases asynchronously, and then aggregate returned data in memory before sending to client for rendering.