IzendaSystemSetting table

Some configurable system settings are stored in IzendaSystemSetting table. These settings can also be changed directly inside this table without going through the UI.

Name Description Default Value
WebAPIUrl The url for Izenda Back-end Blank - use setting from web server
FiscalYear The start of fiscal year, in mm/dd format 10/01
LicenseExpiredWarningTrial The number of days before trial license expires to notify user 4
Integration modes

  • 0 = AllStandAlone
  • 1 = BEStandAloneFEIntegrated
  • 2 = BEIntegratedFEStandAlone
  • 3 = AllIntegrated
AuthenticationBaseAddress Deprecated 1.25.0 release Blank
AuthValidateAccessTokenUrl Access token validation path (prefixed by AuthenticationBaseAddress) api/validateAccessToken
AuthGetAccessTokenUrl Access token retrieval path (prefixed by AuthenticationBaseAddress) api/getAccessToken
LicenseExpiredWarningPeriod The number of days before trial license expires to notify user 14
How to decide if two fields are the “same” to become common filters

  • 0 = QuerySourceFieldId - same id value
  • 1 = QuerySourceFieldName - same name
  • 2 = QuerySourceFieldAlias - same alias
Which information to log, using bitmask check:

  • 000 = None
  • xx1 = LogRequestInfo
  • x1x = LogProcessTime
  • 1xx = LogPerformanceInfo
3 (011):

  • LogRequestInfo
  • LogProcessTime
LicenseWebAPIUrl The license checker url Site-specific
ExportConversionDelay Delay time in seconds to wait for asynchronous items to be completely loaded or for a web page redirect to finish before exporting 5
WebUrl The Front-end url, used for Exporting Site-specific
SubscriptionJobInterval Check subscriptions every x minutes 1
ApiSecretToken The secret token to communicate with hosting API, in Integrated Front-end modes Site-specific
ExportFileLocation The location for exported files C:
AllowDuplicateUser Allow duplicated user names in multi-tenant mode or not 1
PageSize The default print page size A4
Tenant mode

  • 0 = Multi-tenant
  • 1 = Single-tenant
LostConnectionAllowPeriod License checker maximum lost connection period, in minutes 96
CustomFunctionFilePath Path to user custom functions json file Blank
RefreshTokenPeriod Refresh token every x minutes 60
Report mode

  • 0 = Simple
  • 1 = Advanced
EvoLicenseKey License key for third-party EvoPDF Site-specific
Do accounts in connection strings have permission to create tables?

  • If yes, Izenda will create temp tables as physical ones.
  • If not, it will use memory tables.
Margin Place-holder  
ExportNavigationTimeout Navigation timeout for the exporting process, in seconds 300
LayoutSize The number of report tiles per screen width, used for calculating export size 12
AuthRSAPublicKey The Public key from the RSA key pair used for encrypting export requests on Integrated Front-end modes Site-specific
Token Timeout The number of minutes before inactive user’s token expires in standalone versions 20
StoredProcParamDelimiter The delimiter which will be used to separate values for stored procedure input parameters which accept multiple values ,
CommandTimeout Timeout used for all queries to the Izenda Configuration Database, in seconds 500
HelpSystemUrl The URL link which is used when users click the Help Sysetm “?” icon on the Izenda header bar http://www.izenda.com
InsertBatchSize Limits large insert statements to smaller batches for the Izenda database 10000
Status of provisioning map data

  • 0 = NotStarted
  • 1 = Provisioning
  • 2 = ProvisionSuccess
  • 3 = ProvisionError
Should be 2
The directory to store uploaded file when importing report/dashboard definitions.
Izenda supports 3 types of directory:
  • Absolute path.
  • Relative path.
  • UNC path.
IsEnableDataCache Whether data cache is enable or not true
DataCacheTTL Limit the lifespan in second for data caches 600
DataCacheEvictionInterval Define the inteval to clear expired data caches 600
DataCacgeRefreshInterval Define the interval to load new data for data caches 200
DataCacheRefreshDuration Limit the time to run refresh data cache job 100
SystemCacheTTL Limit the lifespan in second for system caches 3600
SystemCacheEvictionInterval Define the inteval to clear expired system caches 3600