Report Designer/Map

Map is a built-in type of report part that displays data on geographic maps, ranging from world map to continent and country maps.

Configure Report Part Properties for Map


Fig. 292 Report Part Properties for Map

  1. Select the chart in Report Body (See Manage Report Parts for how to add a chart).
  2. Click the expand icon (<) on the right to open the Properties boxes if needed.
  3. Select the vertical Report Part Properties box.
  4. The properties are listed in Report Part Properties box in 6 sections. (Fig. 292)
    • General Info
    • Map
    • Labels
    • Legends
    • Data
    • View

User can configure the properties and see changes reflected in Preview pane:

  • Select a type in Map Type drop-down.

    • World
    • Continent
    • Country
  • ../_images/Report_Map_Border_Settings.png

    Fig. 293 Map - Border Settings

    Configure border settings:

    1. In Map group, click the gear icon (⚙) to open Border Settings pop-up.
    2. Choose the border to be visible or not.
    3. Select a border color.
    4. Select a dash style.
    5. Select the border thickness (in pixels).
    6. Click OK to close the Border Settings pop-up.
  • ../_images/Color_Theme_Selection.PNG

    Fig. 294 Map - Color Theme Selection

    Configure color theme settings:

    1. In Map group, click the gear icon (⚙) next to the Color Theme option to open Color Theme Selection pop-up.
    2. Select a color theme and click OK to the pop-up.


    When System Admin change the Default Color Setting, all report parts using the default color theme will update properly.

  • ../_images/Report_Map_Background_Color_Settings.png

    Fig. 295 Map - Background Color

    Set the background color.

    1. In Map group, click the gear icon (⚙) to open Map Background Color Settings pop-up.
    2. Select a background color.
    3. Choose to apply the color to the entire map (covering the legend Sum(Freight)) or to the plot area only (covering the map only).
    4. Click OK to close the Map Background Color Settings pop-up.
  • ../_images/Report_Map_Labels_Settings.png

    Fig. 296 Map - Labels Settings

    Configure the text direction for the labels

  • To be updated: Hover Labels

  • To be updated: Show Map Labels

  • Configure the legends.


    Fig. 297 Map - Legend Settings

  • Choose to display values of data points or not.


    Fig. 298 Map - Show Value Labels

  • To be updated: Zoom into a region of the map.

  • ../_images/Report_Designer_Data_Refresh_Interval.png

    Fig. 299 Report Designer - Data Refresh Interval

    Configure how often data is refreshed when report is being viewed.

    1. Click the gear icon (⚙) to open Data Refresh Interval Settings pop-up.
    2. Choose to have data refreshed automatically or manually.
    3. Enter an interval between each refresh (in seconds).
    4. Choose to view all data or enter a number to view that specific number of latest records only.


If the Show Preview section in Configuration Mode checkbox (In Others tab in Advanced Settings) is unticked then The Preview section will not be displayed for following pop-ups:

- Map Border Settings
- Map Background Color Settings
- Legend Settings
- Zoom Settings


Fig. 300 Report Designer - Chart Border Settings without Preview section

Please see Update Others Settings for more details.


  • Grid view popup option. This option is available from version 2.10.0.

    Click gridViewIcon icon to see the grid view of the map data associated with the current metric.


    Fig. 301 Grid View Popup Showing Count(OrderID) of cities in WA

- Metric dropdown.


Fig. 302 Map Metric dropdown