Drag and Drop Your Way to Business Intelligence

Izenda updates its dashboards and views to allow customization through a drag-and-drop interface.Dashboard design and view customization just got easier for end users with the latest update to Izenda’s self-service, embedded Business Intelligence and Analytics platform.

It just makes sense to put all of the controls for dashboard design and view customization in one place for the user – so that’s what Izenda’s team did to provide the most seamlessly embedded and user-friendly BI and analytics platform. No other embedded BI software lets end users design and view dashboards in one place.

Drag, Drop and Resize Dashboard Tiles

When users want to gain useful business intelligence from the company’s data, they don’t want to be sent to several different locations within the application to work on analyzing the data. They want an easy to use platform with everything at hand. Just how easy is it to create your own dashboards? With Izenda’s 6.9 update, users can drag and drop dashboard tiles and even resize them on the fly. There’s no limit to the number of tiles that can be added to dashboards. For users wanting to explore all of their datasets possibilities, putting design and view together makes this easy.

New Auto Gauge Visualization

A new Auto Gauge feature empowers users to create and customize dashboards that provide clear analytical call-outs to other users informing them of the need to take action or dive deeper into the source data behind the KPI. Izenda’s core features already provide real-time data reporting and exploration capabilities. Users who are alerted by a dashboard call-out can immediately access the information they need to make a data-driven decision in the host application.

By leveraging data in a slide show format, which is another added feature in this update to Izenda, each user can more easily collaborate with others as they make data-driven decisions inside the application they use every day.

Built in Angular

Izenda engineers made the improvements to Dashboard 2.0 through the use of Angular.js. By using Angular.js, Izenda provides the end user with the most seamless and responsive experience possible. This underlying base for writing single-page applications (SPAs) puts everything into the browser at once to run the web-based application. That puts the work on the end user’s device, and not on the server. The server only gets accessed as needed for new data.

That also makes Izenda faster and more responsive in terms of making customizations of dashboards and generating ad hoc reports.

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