Embed Analytics into any Application’s Tech Stack

Izenda commits to become the standard analytics solution for any software product team.

Today’s Izenda embedded analytics platform has its roots in our long history of integration into .NET web applications. We’ve helped more than 10,000 organizations overcome the challenge of turning data into insight without disrupting the workflow of millions of end users. Now we’re deepening our commitment to deliver a platform that’s purpose-built for OEM and embedded use in any application’s tech stack.

As a Gold Application Dev Partner, we developed our analytics solution within the Microsoft ecosystem, and we remain committed to it. Even as we supported the Microsoft ecosystem, we also worked with customers with Java-based applications or using LAMP stacks. Our platform enabled software product teams to integrate our platform into their applications to provide self-service, embedded analytics capability.

Martin Butler of Butler Analytics in his Strategic Review of the 6 Series platform said our platform’s embedding capability distinguishes our solution from others. “It is sophisticated and mature, and allows a business to offer self-service data visualization to a broad population, in a manner that is both low cost, and frees users from dependency on IT resources,” Butler wrote.

Our embedded analytics platform already enabled access to data simultaneously from multiple sources, such as Oracle and MSSQL databases.

Purpose-Built for OEM Use and Embedding

Butler also said in his Strategic Review of our 6 Series that “Izenda will also benefit from the development of .Net Core, an architecture that allows .Net based applications to execute on other operating systems – particularly Linux.”

We took the feedback from customers, analysts and competitive analysis in developing our 7 Series and the new Synergy Platform to take advantage of the opportunities provided by .NET Core compliance to host anywhere with any application’s tech stack.

Izenda made a commitment to become the standard analytics solution for any product team developing a business application:

Our Izenda 7 Series platform sets a new standard for seamless integration. How did we accomplish this?

3-tier architectureA three-tier architecture is at heart of the Synergy Platform. This open, extensible, modular architecture enables any software product team to select our platform for its embedded analytics solution. This architecture future proofs an organization’s investment in self-service analytics, as the Izenda platform can easily adopt and integrate new technologies.

The Synergy Platform allows you to run anywhere, whether that’s on premise, hybrid or in the cloud. (As a web-based platform, it runs on anything also.) A ReactJS front end provides unparalleled OEM integration opportunities and makes customization and white labeling easy. It is framework agnostic, allowing for embedding of the front end in not just .NET, but also any other technology stacks.

By embedding Izenda’s platform, analytics becomes fluid in an application’s workflow. This advances the concept of white labeling, making it essentially invisible with the workflow and setting a new standard for a more seamless integration.

Like our previous analytics platforms, the 7 Series on the Synergy Platform does not require software organizations to invest in additional infrastructure. They can leverage the data they have from their existing data sources. This cuts out the cost many other vendors impose, as there’s no need to buy hardware for data warehouses or servers. The Izenda system connects to your data sources and recognizes your data hierarchy.

Our 7 Series platform reports against MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Azure SQL, MongoDB Enterprise and Oracle databases. We’ve planned in our product roadmap to add support for additional data sources.

Our Fusion tool enables real-time analytics from multiple data sources without a data warehouse. Customers can seamlessly join any of the databases we support in one query. An in-memory data blending engine powers cross-database reporting. And by utilizing MapReduce technology, the Synergy Platform can limit memory consumption for improved query performance.

Major investments made by Microsoft, Oracle and other big-name corporations show the continued viability and importance of RDMSs. Software companies want to leverage the databases in which they have significant investments. Forcing them to use a BI tool’s own data warehouse, layer or server may be an ill-advised investment for software companies who’d be better served to leverage their own investments in technology.

No Coding Required to Administer Izenda’s Analytics Platform

We’ve enabled our customers to shift the administration of analytics from IT staff to business analysts or power user “citizen data scientists” with the addition of an administrative UI. No coding is required to create and configure your customer’s analytics’ experience through an administrative UI.

This new interface lets business analysts and other non-technical users provision, join, and secure data sources. They can create and manage roles, security, and custom relationships between multiple data sources. Data source and field name aliasing can be done in the UI.

You gain full control over major feature sets so you can decide whether to expose to your tenants and customers. That enables you to grant tenants self-administration rights.

Our customers don’t need to reinvent the wheel for every new customer or user. A robust copy management functionality assists organizations to manage multitenant deployments quickly and efficiently. User and tenant roles and permissions can be copied for use with other customers – and then changed to meet both business needs and compliance requirements.

BI Portal: Buy on Monday, Go Live on Friday

Your organization may need rapid deployment to get to market quickly. For those use cases and other needs, Izenda also created a white-label ready BI Portal. The BI Portal approach gives you a much shorter time to market while providing a rich self-service analytics experience to your users. And you can later embed Izenda’s platform into your application as it suits your schedule.

Your organization will host Izenda’s platform, connect your data to it, configure data access, user roles, permissions and the tenant experience to deploy analytics.

And the platform includes support for OEMs to leverage components and to build their own report parts and modules.

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