Embedded BI & analytics delivers actionable data

Let your users get more value from their data.

Embedded BI and analytics improves efficiency & ROI.

84% of software vendors see embedded BI as the next major trend based on the growing demand for analytics.

Most vendors agree that within a few years, 75% of their company’s revenue will come from the sale of embedded BI tools

“Embedded analytics is the future of BI” – The Eckerson Group  Learn why in this report.

Our embedded analytics platform is:


Purpose Built

Built to work for your product, your users, and their data.



Rapid to deploy, easily configurable and intuitive for your customers to use.



100% white labeled integration, keeping your user experience consistent.

Allowing you to focus on your customers and core application.

Analytics deployments delivered on average $13.01 for every dollar spent. A BI platform with self-service reporting tools delivers high ROI through these areas:

  • Eliminating manual reports, saving time and reducing errors
  • Improved decision making
  • Deployment of BI across organizations better aligns operations with the goals of senior management
fully responsive BI dashboard on a tablet displaying embedded google map, a heat map and bar chart
fully responsive Izenda dashboard displaying gauges, map and pie chart on a mobile phone

Speed to market means lower operational costs.

Seamlessly integrates into your application, letting you get your product to market faster. Your focus remains on your product.

Plus, we offer a lower total cost of ownership than other popular BI and analytics platforms, while providing first-class integration support and continuous innovation.

Why embedded BI?

Your end users are asking for more from your software. Instead of waiting for a custom report, or navigating to another application, they want to make data-driven decisions inside the workflows of the application they use every day.

With BI & analytics embedded into your application or portal, your team no longer needs to spend time coding custom reports, because self-service analytics puts creating and modifying reports in the hands of end users, enabling them to explore and understand their data to make better decisions.

business woman and business man looking at analytics on a tablet and laptop computer
Embedded business intelligence dashboard displayed on a desktop computer

Enriching embedded BI and analytics with data visualizations.

While self-service reports and dashboards are essential for deriving insights from data, users also want the ability to visualize their data at a glance. An embedded BI solution that features data visualizations allows users to see trends and patterns quickly without having to scan through traditional grid based reports.

Izenda provides a rich set of charts, maps, gauges and other data visualizations, all designed for integration into your application or portal. Embedded visualizations benefit the users of your application because analytics are displayed in context. They don’t need to switch from their current application or portal to another, the data they need is right where they will use it.

Inherently integrated, for a superior user experience.

Using iFrames to display analytics is a standard practice with most “embedded” BI and analytics solutions. Although iFrames can be a viable approach for some deployments, they are typically recommended by BI vendors when their solution cannot inherently integrate into another application. However, iFraming can cause problems with navigation, resizing, timeouts, compliance and mobile responsiveness — and require time-consuming and costly workarounds.

Izenda lets you seamlessly embed analytics into your application without iFraming. Our modern 3-tier embedded architecture future proofs your investment in self-service BI. Two lines of code is all it takes to embed a chart, grid or visualization on any page of your application. You get self-service analytics functionality that goes beyond the MVP-only deployments offered by iFramed solutions. An analytics solution that is inherently integrated with your application leads to a better user experience, higher user satisfaction and superior rates of application adoption.

Laptop displaying embedded analytics

Key elements of a purpose-built embedded BI & analytics platform


Intuitive self-service that empowers non-technical users to create and customize analytics resulting in greater user adoption.


Security that respects existing user roles and access rights and maintains regulatory compliance.


Open architecture that is extensible, easy to configure and supports high availability in multi-tenant and large deployments.


White-labeled interfaces and output that inherit the host application’s look and feel.


No desktop dependencies for creation or administration of reports and dashboards.


Code-free administration that makes maintaining and onboarding tenants easy.

78% of leading software providers embedding analytics reported an increase in total customers.

Aberdeen GroupEmbedded Analytics and the Hidden Opportunity for Enterprises

91% of users agree or strongly agree that their core applications should have embedded analytics capabilities.

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Embedded Bl gives business users actionable insights within the
context of their primary applications. This helps close the proverbial "last mile" of Bl.

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Compared to a stand-alone approach, those embedding analytics are 57% more likely to see an increase in revenue greater than 20%.

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Embedded analytics leaders are 96% more likely to be satisfied with the relevance of their analytical capabilities.

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