Embedded BI Reviews: Izenda Uncovers Hidden Insight!

By February 11, 2019Embedded BI
embedded bi reviews

In the sea of embedded BI reviews, Izenda Embedded Analytics stands out for a few reasons.

In short, usability, customization freedoms and a radical increase in ROI make Izenda the most-preferred platform among many embedded bi reviews. See for yourself!

embedded bi reviews software dashboard embedded analyticsAs AdHoc reporting increases in popularity and new analytics providers flood the tech space, we can only expect more embedded BI reviews, and with it, sponsored content.

No surprise.

But with 4M+ daily end-users and such a robust reporting platform, even some of our most-loved features don’t get the air-time they deserve.

Sometimes, real human reviews trump even the savviest slice of copy.

From improved patient engagement to generating new revenue, we’re excited about what embedded BI can do for you.


Izenda Uncovers New Insight

embedded bi reviews izenda embedded analytics software

When it comes to data visualization, there’s no greater reward than gaining an entirely new outlook, and with it, new actionable insight.

These new insights found within Izenda are the makings of updated and improved outcomes, which is why we analyze data in the first place.

By implementing Izenda,  this IT Manager was able to build a brighter future for both the organization and its’ end-users.


Sell More With Izenda

embedded bi review of izenda reporting and analytics software

While presumably your Sales Team has an existing CRM in place that covers KPIs, follow-up accountability, and more, these platforms fall short when it comes to leveraging combined data.

With an embedded analytics software, you can both increase the scope of your qualified reach and improve the quality of those touches by empowering sales to run a comparative report pulling data from several sources.

Interested in learning more? Check out our post on improving sales insights with embedded analytics.


Limitless White-Labeling With Izenda

Without a doubt, limitless white-labeling is an Izenda client favorite. 

Thousands of users love Izenda, none know we’re there, and that’s generally appreciated among our clientele.

At Izenda, we believe it’s your application, which is why you should be in charge of what your users see.

White label Izenda. Infinitely.

Blend Izenda seamlessly into your existing interface for a beautiful desktop, tablet and mobile experience your end-users will ooh and aah for.


Rapid Deployment & Reliable Support With Izenda

In addition to ironing out any setup and integration kinks, Izenda offers a dedicated Customer Success Team, Integration Team and exclusive client training services to ensure a successful partnership.

With Zen Support, your important internal resources can stay focused on what matters most while the Izenda experts handle the minutia.


A Breakthrough With Izenda


Of all the embedded bi reviews on the web, this one strikes a rare cord.

Izenda has always been dedicated to making analytics accessible to non-technical people.

This mission to serve equally as a dual-capable platform continues with every quarterly product update.


Ready to take a look for yourself?

We’re ready to hear from you! Maybe you have Izenda-specific questions.

Maybe, you’ve found yourself knee-deep in embedded BI reviews and would appreciate some human contact.

Give us a shout, our specialists are ready to help!

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