Expert Advice to Choose Best Tech for Front End Design

Software developers on front end designA recent blog on front end design helped generate an ongoing discussion on LinkedIn that reveals different approaches and perspectives that developers and software architects have.

“What’s the best front-end design tech for your application?” we asked members of the C# Developers / Architects LinkedIn Group. Members responded with answers ranging from specific tools to general practices. Some even stood the question on its head.

Choosing Technology Stack Comes First

While Tarun Patel said Angular is always best, he put forward another approach. It would be better, Patel said, to decide on what technology base you would implement your technology suite to meet your needs.

“No one single technology can be named without knowing the type of ‘shop’, according to Dan Marco. He said Angular is fine for a Java shop, but what if you are a .NET shop or have true platform independence such as using HTML5?

Business Needs, UX Come Before Front End Design

But Haythem Jaidi took it back to the basics. He encourages software companies to concentrate on their UX and business rather than front end design. He said Bootstrap or Angular are the best but don’t spend much time on that decision. Just go to or to pick a ready to use the theme so you can concentrate on the business and improving the user experience.

ReactJS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Among Choices

A combination with Bootstrap got the nod from several other group members, with Nur Karluk preferring ReactJS with Bootstrap for client side development Just build Rest API on the server side. Vaibhay Agarwal says Bootstrap plus Kendo UI with Angular JS is projected to be the future for this.

Tarik Souirji looks at Aurelia for front-end design or AngularJS2. He’ll add Bootstrap (or Materialize CSS) plus KendoUI if he needs advanced components. Bob Conyne has similar thoughts. He says he’s “been tinkering with Aurelia, and it looks really nice.”

For design tech, Vitor Correia says Bootstrap is the best. You don’t get features such as CSS styles, grid classes or JavaScript components like modal, tabs, navigation bar, dropdown menu with Angular and other JavaScript frameworks, he says.

As for Nilay Mehta, he’s chosen MobiScroll instead of Bootstrap. He says it provides UI like native components. And it can also combine with jQuery, Angular and React.

Richard Leopold says HTML, CSS, and JavaScript works pretty good.

Leandro Artibano favors UIkit, which he says “gives you a comprehensive collection of HTML, CSS, and JS components, which is simple to use, easy to customize and extendable.”

Several other group members like Angular JS, including Fabio Platania. Vijay Sutaria says AngularJS 2 is the “perfect solution.” If required, you can use React JS with it, he says. Jack Navarro likes Angular JS, “although adding React has its pluses to reduce watchers and scopes freeing up resources.”

“As mentioned in the article with React we can build interactive independent web components which will react and adapt to current state,” said Naga Mallik Karumanchi in kicking off the LinkedIn discussion.

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