Izenda Tech Blog logoBusiness application-users need and expect fast, real-time business intelligence. In the past, traditional reporting methods required waiting for IT to run a report that might take days to receive. In considering an embedded self-service BI solution, here are five key features your application needs:

Flexible Fields. It’s not enough to custom-build reports. You have to have the capability to add or revise fields, and your reports and dashboards have to change in real-time, and not require waiting for IT help.

To Paginate or Not to Paginate? That’s easy. Give users the option to do either or both. There’s debate over whether to paginate reports and dashboards, or to view it all on the same grid. The best way to make an application user-friendly and independent from IT support is to offer both options.

Seeing is Understanding. Ditch the traditional rows and columns for more appealing, customizable visualizations that help your users tell a story. With embedded reporting and dashboards, users can select from a wide range of interactive and visually engaging charts and reports, without requiring time-consuming development. There are several visual analytics tools available, so your users are used to seeing them and will likely ask for them. Embedding visualizations into your application can save you from having to custom-build every chart and map.

Inherit Security. Security remains a constant concern in business. Companies also worry about the security of the cloud. People can be uncomfortable with something as intangible as the cloud because they can’t see it. But today’s applications can maintain military-grade security and still embed third-party reporting and dashboards. For example, when Izenda is integrated into an application, it automatically inherits that app’s existing security permissions.

Automated Analysis. Everyone wins when users have control over their data. Part of that control includes having the capability to customize automated alerts. Users want to know when things change, and they may ask that you manually set alerts. Building this functionality into your application or making sure your third-party BI provider has this available is important.

Intuitive Reporting, Visualization Now Mainstream

Intuitive reporting and visualization tools have gone mainstream, making analytics more user-friendly. Business users today simply don’t have the time or the bandwidth for complicated reporting.

Organizations that make data-driven decisions tend to make better and smarter decisions, and your application can facilitate that. The world’s fascination with Big Data and analytics has piqued the interest of a growing audience. Developers who embed BI into their applications meet an expectation of analytics that is significant — and growing.

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