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G2 Crowd lists Izenda as a high performer on both its Grid for Embedded Business Intelligence and on its Grid for Self-Service BI.What’s the secret to adding self-service business intelligence to your software application? Pick a vendor that shows high performance in both the embedded BI and self-service BI space. You’ll find Izenda meets those criteria.

G2 Crowd Rates Izenda a High Performer in BI Categories

“G2 Crowd’s recent embedded business intelligence report features Izenda as a high performer on the Grid,” said Marty Duffy, director of research for G2 Crowd, in a release Izenda distributed this week. “Verified user-reviews have indicated that Izenda is a product that is easy to use and it is easy to do business with the company.”

If you need to embed BI in your application, you’ll find Izenda users’ advice valuable. More than 95% of them rate Izenda at 4 or 5 stars, with all believing the company is heading in the right direction.

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G2 Crowd added the Grid for Embedded BI for the first time this summer. That follows the latest beliefs, as the Eckerson Group recently said that embedded analytics is the future of BI in its recent paper, Embedded Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence.

Independent software vendors who use Izenda like our BI platform because it seamlessly embeds into an application. We recently reported that a well-known analyst firm recognized Izenda’s capabilities.

Butler Analytics said in its Strategic Review that “it is the embedding capability that distinguishes Izenda – it is sophisticated and mature, and allows a business to offer self-service data visualization to a broad population, in a manner that is both low cost, and frees users from dependency on IT resources.”

G2 Crowd also put Izenda’s platform on its Grid for Self-Service BI as a high performer.

Designed to Enable Business Users

We designed Izenda’s self-service software for business end users so they don’t need help from IT. You’ll be able to offer your users dashboards, custom reports and ad-hoc reporting within your own applications.

“Most of our customers are not tech savvy and ease of use was our number one priority. Izenda was able to achieve this goal perfectly,” a healthcare software vendor said in his G2 Crowd review earlier this month.

You’ll want a BI solution that enables white label integration.

“Izenda allows seamless white label integration for non-technical users but also allows technical users to customize all areas to provide a powerful solution that matches their core solution,” another vendor wrote in his review.

Customers need easy access to their data through your application. You might agree with a higher education software vendor who called Izenda’s method to allow data sources to link and connect with ease a breakthrough for end user reporting.

G2 Crowd said it bases scores on customer satisfaction (through verified user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size and social impact). They categorize each software solution as a Leader, High Performer, Contender or Niche on the Grids using these scores. They design their grids to help businesses make the best technology decisions. They based these two reports on more than 1,060 reviews from business professionals. For more on the G2 Crowd Grids:

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