How ShopVisible Delivers Value to its Customers with Izenda

(This is the second of a series of posts on how our customers are solving problems and creating value with Izenda Reports for their customers.)

Figure 1: Izenda is integrated under Site Manager → Analytics → Misc → ShopVisible Extended Reporting.

ShopVisible analytics example

Figure 2: Main Page.

ShopVisible example

Figure 3: Design a New Report. Start with Step 1: Selecting Data Sources.

ShopVisible analytics example

Figure 4: : Select fields from DB to accommodate needs.

ShopVisible analytics example

Figure 5: Select Summary fields to be displayed.

ShopVisible analytics example

Figure 6: Select Chart Type.

ShopVisible analytics implementation example

Figure 7: Gauge.

ShopVisible application integration example

Figure 8: Misc Tab.

ShopVisible analytics implementation example

Figure 9: Style Edit.

ShopVisible ad hoc analytics solution

Figure 10: Apply filters to achieve desired result set.

Applying filters in application example

Figure 11: Top of the page: Summary and chart.

ShopVisible implementation example

Figure 12: Scroll down to see the result set defined in Fields.

ShopVisible example of results

“ShopVisible is an on-demand ecommerce solution provider that delivers tools and services designed to streamline and advance online businesses. To expand upon the broad range of analytics reporting tools, ShopVisible integrates with Izenda to provide valuable reporting capabilities that enable extensive custom data analysis for clients.”
-Mert Altindag, Product Manager at ShopVisible