How to Improve Time to Market with Your Analytics Project

81% of top performing companies say big benefit of self-service BI comes from reducing IT support time and costs

What if you found out you could embed analytics in your software application in just a few weeks or a month or so? And if you were pressed, you could integrate analytics with the application in a week? Everybody claims they improve your product’s time to market. But too many BI vendors lead you to believe integrating their solution is simple, only to find out months later it’s still not ready for customers.

The Izenda deployment-ready platform integrates seamlessly with your existing application and infrastructure. Our integration team works with your development team to ensure stable installation and ideal configuration. By working together, you can measure integration of analytics and deployment of your application in days and weeks, instead of the months or years with other vendors.

Two Fast Ways to Market with Izenda

With a number of deployment options, Izenda allows you to get to market faster than the competition. Both embedded and standalone self-service analytics portal options allow you to stand up the platform quickly and begin reporting.

Embedded Self-Service Analytics Solution – Self-service analytics from Izenda can embed into your application for a seamless workflow in as little as 30 to 60 days. This rapid deployment comes in an analytics solution that’s easy to customize and intuitive for your users to configure. The seamless integration into your application gets your product to market faster. Your focus remains on your product.

Izenda’s deployment-ready platform meshes with your application and its infrastructure. We work with your development team to ensure stable installation and ideal configuration.

Once our teams have the applications operating seamlessly together, we inherit your navigation and add our pages alongside yours. That enables you to bring to bear full design interfaces, viewers, lists, and administrative UIs directly from within your application’s front end.

Self-Service Analytics Portal – Software companies that need to add analytics solution to an application may not have time for a full integration and still meet their application’s release date. They can integrate Izenda’s Self-service Analytics Portal with minimal setup work to get a complete analytics solution in a matter of weeks. And it’s a white-labeled solution just like the fully embedded Izenda analytics platform, with all of its best features. Potentially a software company could license it on Monday and go live on Friday.

The organization can transfer any work done with this self-service portal when updating to the embedded integration of Izenda’s analytics platform. Many customers take advantage of this crawl/walk/run approach to immediately add analytics to their application with the portal before completing a full integration. They generate revenue and gain a competitive advantage with the addition of analytics while on an evolutionary path to fully embedded analytics.

Modern, 3-Tier Embedded Architecture Shortens Time to Market

Izenda features the industry’s first modern three-tier embedded architecture that is modular, extensible, and scalable. The architecture shortens time to market and reduces the cost to integrate into software as a service (SaaS), Cloud, and on-premise applications. This architecture allows a developer to extend, modularize and configure their application.

Izenda reports off your reporting databases through a live connection string. No need to load Izenda into proprietary cubes, data load, or data dump. Report off your live data today. By leveraging your existing database objects – tables, views, stored procedures, primary and foreign key relationships, and user-defined functions – you’ll keep and extend your database investments.

Analytics Platform Tools Speed Time to Market

Self-service analytics – By empowering business users to create and manage the analytics they need, you’ll free up your developers’ time to focus on improving the core application. That gets your product ready for market at a faster pace.

The simple to use drag-and-drop interface cuts the time end users spending building reports and dashboards. They can create or customize reports and dashboards, and add data visualizations, with just a few clicks. The additional flexibility to add and change filters and fields on reports frees development resources to focus on other initiatives. That not only gets you to market faster, it also reduces the cost to support your analytics solution.

81 percent of top-performing companies said reducing IT support time and costs is one of the biggest benefits of self-service business intelligence. (Starfleet Research, The 2017 Benchmark Report on Self-Service Business Intelligence)

System Administration by Non-Technical Users Izenda’s Administrative UI takes complex processes and workflows out of costly Dev resources. The interface enables non-technical users to function as system administrators. These factor greatly with time to market and with scaling the solution over the years.

The admin UI shifts implementation and maintenance headaches off your technical team. The ease of use of the admin UI enables a non-technical user to manage tenants, users and data modeling. System-level administrators can configure the functionality and module access accessible per tenant, per user, and per role. They set the features exposed to end users dynamically based on their roles and skillsets. This provides flexibility in how software companies can monetize self-service analytics in their application.

Robust copy management – A software company can manage use of their software application when dealing with just one customer or tenant. But with many analytics solutions, it seems as if they’re just getting to market for the first time whenever they add a new tenant. Developers work through extensive coding to set up the new tenant as if from scratch.

Izenda’s copy management system enables system administrators to copy settings across the multi-tenant landscape. These non-technical sysadmins can use an existing tenant’s setup as a template to add more tenants. Once they create the tenant copy, it gets customized to match the new customer’s needs. This includes copying user types, roles and permissions – and the extensive customization each new tenant may require. Izenda’s embedded analytics platform enables software companies to track across the multi-tenant environment which reports and dashboards get the most use and which need additional customization. They can share these best practices with all customers by sharing the best examples as templates using the copy management system. Izenda’s extensible data model enables them to use business terminology that’s relevant for each tenant. And the sysadmins do this all in a code-free environment.

So you can hit the ground running with a library of core reports and dashboard templates. Deploy it to all your customers and let them create their own customizations. This makes massive user communities entirely self-sufficient.

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