Fast, seamless integration of BI & analytics

Our flexible platform is rapid to deploy and easy to integrate.

Izenda has been deployed as a mission-critical piece of 1,500+ unique applications.

Integrate reports, dashboards and visualizations in your application, while reducing cost and complexity.

a desktop computer displaying an integrated analytics dashboard with visualizations


Our deployment-ready platform meshes with your existing application and infrastructure. We work with your development team to ensure stable installation and ideal configuration. Measure integration and deployment of your application in days and weeks instead of months or years.

developer coding a BI application
example of an Izenda BI integration can connect to database via an administrative UI


We assist with creating and connecting to a series of reporting-ready data sources through our administrative UI and exposed API. We can even create new virtual relationships between disparate data sources. Give your users access to an entirely unified data universe in real time, without a data warehouse.


Powerful aliasing and categorization options allow you to present your users with an easy to understand, business relevant set of names and groupings. You’ll be able to optimize the user experience by providing a simple, elegant, intuitive interface for your data model through our UI or API.

Administrative interface allows you to configure your analytics; seen here is the data model page
developer working on a laptop to implement application security


Izenda aims to inherit existing security models and sit behind your application’s authentication process. Push tenant, role, and user associations through our API, then define data, feature, and report permissions. Lock down data access to the row and cell level through hidden filters to ensure compliance with personally identifiable information access regulations.

Launch Confidently. Configure once, then deploy to all your customers.


True integration at the application level means merging our platform’s infrastructure with your own. Once our applications operate seamlessly together, we inherit your navigation and add our pages alongside yours. You can bring to bear full design interfaces, viewers, lists, and administrative UIs directly from within your application’s front end.

a developer coding an integration of Izenda analytics using a laptop
two women looking at desktop computers with embedded instance of Izenda


We operate not only as the reports and dashboards pages of your application, but also as an embedded charting library. This presents you with the opportunity to enrich landing areas and pages throughout the workflow of your application with charts, graphs, grids, gauges and widgets.


Focus on your brand instead of ours. Every aspect of our platform can be molded to look and feel like your application, inheriting your color scheme, branding and operational behavior. Users never have to know they are interacting with a third-party BI platform.

example of Izenda analytics branded with vendor's styling
example of a prebuilt or templated analytics report in the report designer


Hit the ground running with a library of core reports and dashboard templates. Deploy it to your entire customer base and let them create their own customizations. This means massive user communities can be entirely self-sufficient. Your developers can focus on core competencies rather than report building.

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