Izenda Product Update – Much more detailed and helpful error messages

By February 8, 2019Product Updates

Izenda Product Release v2.17.0 – February 2019

(let’s get right to the point)

While this month is not as flashy, we are just as excited to bring to all of our users some long-awaited improvements to error messages in the system. One of our primary goals for 2019 is to improve usability throughout the platform and we are starting with making diagnosing problems easier in your daily workflows.

Consider the Following:
(practical applications and uses)

You log into your platform wanting to see your usual reports, but this time you are greeted by a red box saying ‘The system has encountered an unknown error, please contact your system administrator.’ Unless you are someone who has access to the data model in your instance of Izenda, or you happen to have made the report yourself, it can be hard to take that cryptic feedback and determine what went wrong.

Now, in our latest release, that behavior is more descriptive. Now, in the report designer, you will get a list of the data source and fields that are causing the behavior. This means that if the OrderID field is the culprit, the error message will tell you that the field is not available in the data model or does not exist in your instance of Izenda. Then you can pass this information on to the person responsible for the data in your instance and they will know exactly which objects to check.

The Developer’s District:
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To be more specific, we have increased error messages in the following areas:

1. Dashboards

Every tile in a dashboard will show any issues in the underlying reports. For example, if a field used in the reports happens to be missing from the data model, the dashboard tile will show which data object(s) and which field(s) are in conflict for that tile.

2. Authentication Logs

Due to the security nature of logging in, we have made all of these enhancements as descriptive as possible without causing a security concern. Additionally, all of these improvements are only seen in the logs of your Izenda instance. These improvements are meant to give more insight into what went wrong, like if the user tried to log in under the wrong tenant, for example.

3. Report Viewer

Similar to the improvements for dashboards, the report viewer will display all data sources and fields that are causing an error with the report definition or the query Izenda executes.

4. Report Designer

When choosing your data sources for a report, the error messages in the Data Sources tab were reworked to be more coherent.

5. Schedules/Subscriptions

While setting up a schedule or a subscription, it is necessary to have an SMTP server configured for your email traffic. Errors in this dialogue will now pinpoint whether or not the servers are configured incorrectly at the system or the tenant level.

For more information on our release in general, please see our release notes page: https://www.izenda.com/docs/release_notes.html


Continued Success,

Seth Hutcheson

Technical Product Manager, Izenda

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