Izenda To Join Other Microsoft Partners at WPC15

By July 9, 2015Microsoft

iPhone 6 with Izenda dashboardsMigrating business to the cloud – and how to calm down clients who feared the prospect of change – became a big topic at last year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference, Izenda members who participated tell us. This year a team from Izenda again will descend on Orlando for WPC 2015.

Microsoft has made plenty of big announcements this year as CEO Satya Nadella helps the company reverse its downward spiral. He’s embraced notions that his predecessor professed disdain for even considering. Now Apple device users can have Office even on their iPads, and Android users weren’t left out, either. The announcements about Windows 10 even have developers excited, something no one could say about Windows 8. With the scheduled release of Windows 10 on July 29, attendees at WPC 2015 are bound to get some details about that launch and if the corporation did manage to meet its goal to maximize its partners investments. In reality the gathered Microsoft Partners can better judge how well that goal was met.

That’s one of the nice things about WPC – developers who depend upon Microsoft products know they will be heard by the corporation, especially in light of changes over the past year or more under Nadella’s leadership.

These partners aren’t just attending to hear from Microsoft and be heard; most want to find other ISVs with an eye to doing business or finding solutions to similar problems. As all of the attending partners obviously use Microsoft products to do business, the possibilities for collaboration are high.

Izenda will be there – you can find us at Booth 1040, or you might see us at your booth or at some of the same sessions. We’ve just released great new AngularJS dashboards in our BI and Analytics software, which seamlessly embeds into .NET applications. We’ll be happy to show you a demo and discuss how it works.

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