What Makes Embedded Analytics Important to Many Industries?

Look to embedded analytics when you want your application to stand out from the competition. Embedded analytics allows the addition of real functionality to applications that users want and need.

Embedded BI and analytics sets software companies apart from their competitors who use branded third-party BI tools. Those other solutions at best put iFramed reports and dashboards on pages of their applications. IT staff usually must use a separate tool outside of the core application to create the reports and dashboards. They then need to insert those views via iFrame and repeat the process when end users need new reports.

Healthcare organizations like those served by Essette’s web-based healthcare management software lack technical staff to meet their reporting needs. Essette turned to Izenda’s business intelligence and analytics platform to power the company’s new feature, Essette Dashboard. This solution gives end users an embedded, automated data visualization tool. This addition to the Essette Suite speeds and simplifies data-driven analysis to provide healthcare organizations with the information needed to make prompt decisions.

“It was clear our clients needed a graphical reporting tool like Izenda,” explains Essette COO/CTO Grant Gaudette. “Demands on today’s healthcare organizations require they simultaneously meet the needs of auditors, management teams and boards. We’ve met those challenges by embedding Izenda BI into our application. The real power is the ability for everyday users to create their own reports.” (Read more about Essette’s data solutions in this case study.)

When eRPortal replaced its existing legacy reporting and analytics platform by embedding Izenda’s self-service BI platform, the integration gained attention from industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates® for its innovation.

Izenda’s BI solution embeds within eRPortal Software’s suite of asset, materials and maintenance management software.

“Management and departments rely on in-depth reports for budgeting, forecasting, and performance and profitability analysis,” said Ed Garibian, president of eRPortal Software, in a news release announcing his company had chosen Izenda’s platform. “The enhanced reporting and business intelligence makes those reports more meaningful.” (Read more about the innovative move by eRPortal and Izenda.)

In the past, only by making constant requests to IT could you get more data added to your reports. Legacy BI solutions traditionally presented data in a static report format. To stay competitive, your software needs to offer more than the same old reports.

PeopleStrategy helps customers manage the wide range of human resources functionality faced by today’s enterprises. Those customers increasingly rely on data and analytics inside their daily operations. By utilizing Izenda’s embedded analytics platform, PeopleStrategy gives clients reports and dashboards that are easy for beginning business users, yet robust enough to support power users. End users can report on and explore data without the help of IT.

Payroll and other HCM data is highly sensitive. Regulatory compliance remains essential for any organization working with human capital. PeopleStrategy chose Izenda’s embedded analytics platform for its ability to adopt the eHCM Suite security model and provide security down to the database row-level. (Read more about PeopleStrategy’s use of analytics in this case study.)

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