Microsoft Releases WebMatrix 3, Dives Deeper into Cloud-based Offerings

Microsoft releases new options for its lightweight web development tool

WebMatrix 3Microsoft is deepening its commitment to the cloud and even a hint of open source, as its Windows Azure is now more compatible than ever with its WebMatrix 3 development tool. Fresh off the press, the new tool comes with deeper Windows Azure integration — that’s Microsoft’s cloud server — and support for GitHub.

What this means is that Windows Azure now lets users host websites locally and on their server. Up to ten sites can be hosted on Windows Azure. WebMatrix 3 supports Git and TFS, so maximize users’ version control options. WebMatrix also supports ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js.

This newest update continues its deeper integration with Windows Azure, committing Microsoft further to cloud-based services, meeting the demand of the touch-screen, mobile, cloud-based generation.