New 7 Series Empowers Applications with Innovative Embedded BI

Bill Curran, President and CEO of Izenda, announces the release of our 7 Series, purpose built for embedding self-service BI into applications.Izenda rewrote our entire embedded analytics platform after listening to customers’ requests. Izenda President and CEO Bill Curran said, as a result, we released the industry’s first purpose-built for embedding self-service BI platform for software companies.

Speaking at the Izenda Embedded BI User Conference on Monday, he pointed out the most important word in that statement: purpose-built. It answers the questions that Izenda continues to ask software product teams as we develop our products, “What do you need?” and “How do you need it?”

“We came to crossroads of where we needed to be. You come to a point where you go, are you willing to change? Change is not easy. You reach this pinnacle, you reach this moment and you say, what’s next?” Bill said. “We could have refactored, we could have rewritten. We chose to rewrite the application. The entire platform has been rewritten.”

Bill said he loves it when customers call and have challenges because that creates an opportunity to learn. Izenda’s team went through all the tickets customers filed and all other requests by email or phone call to plan our 7 Series. This intensive product feature scope analysis involved customers, partners and industry analysts.

“We set the foundation to prepare for this change,” he said.

What we’ve delivered includes a 100 percent web-based administrative UI. This relieves overtaxed software development teams from having to manage the embedded analytics solution.

Customers wanted a light back end, which we delivered. This helped make it purpose-built to easily integrate with modern tech stacks.

We designed around a 3-tier architecture with the future in mind to craft a purpose-built embedded BI platform.

“The power of that architecture, how we design that architecture, is different than any other company out there.”

When future technology comes out, we can plug and play with it, Bill said.

“We are not going to have to rewrite, we are not going to have to refactor. There’s nobody else in the marketplace who can do that.”

A small company doesn’t have the foundation of experience that Izenda has. Big companies are not able to turn on a dime and complete a costly rewrite. They have to refactor their application.

Understanding what customer needs and demands are, is very important to us.

Izenda designed our 7 Series to be invisible within an application as a third-party product. What we truly do is we create the invisibility factor, he said. People aren’t going to know Izenda is operating in an application. It joins the workflow into the application.

Software product teams will find a lot of power behind the application. And it keeps functional parity with our 6 series and a whole lot more. Bill said we couldn’t allow our customers to have to take a step back. They wouldn’t want to adopt that tech.

“You want to stay ahead of the competition. When you are ready, you’ll be able to get ahead of your competition,” he said. “We’re confident 7 Series meets your needs of today, and in the future.”

Izenda continues to innovate and continues to listen to our customers and the marketplace.

We at Izenda feel we’ve revolutionized the embedded analytics industry with our 7 Series. But our commitment remains to support our 6 Series. Bill and the rest of our team want our customers to keep their confidence in the type of company we are. We know you may not be ready this year to move to our 7 Series this year. When you are ready to migrate, we will be there, he said.

Izenda is working with partners to provide a migration path to 7 series. Our goal is to create a quality world class application.

“It’s one thing to get the demo, but when you get the key to that product and it starts running, how does it perform out of the box? A goal of ours is to assure we put a quality product in the marketplace,” Bill said.

Our vision matches our goal: Be the global leader in embedded BI solutions and redefine the market driven by our customers’ needs.

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