Enrich your application with self-service analytics

Embedded BI purpose-built for software product teams.

How does it work?

You get a modern 3-tier embedded architecture that has an open front-end code base which leverages the ReactJS framework, a modular .NET Web API, and a relational configuration database. Rapidly integrate self-service BI into Ruby, Python, Java, .NET, PHP and other modern web applications.

  • Modular
    Run standalone where you want to and integrate where you need to. Deploy a standalone BI portal, embed charts and integrate pages with existing applications, all at the same time with reusable libraries and flexible deployment models.
  • Scalable
    Insanely lightweight, low impact, completely stateless, and containerization friendly. Decoupled presentation, application, and data layers means you’ve got a code base that adapts to your existing infrastructure and methodologies.
  • Open
    Embed the components you want and mold them to your application’s workflow. Infuse analytics throughout your application and enable users to make real-time data-driven decisions. An open front end, exposed REST API endpoints, and an open top storage schema means you have infinite extensibility with minimal effort.
  • Secure
    Pass through existing security models from virtually any code base through simple tokens and APIs. Lock down data, feature, and library access through comprehensive administrative UIs, APIs or code level overrides.

We make embedding, managing, scaling, and monetizing self-service analytics easy.

examples of Izenda embedded BI reports and dashboards displayed responsively on a number of different devices

Our Platform

  • Deploy wherever your application lives
  • Integrate with SaaS, on-premise, or hybrid applications and portals
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure
  • 100% web-based UI (no server side dependencies, no desktop dependencies)
  • Seamless embedded interface for creating, customizing and viewing analytics
  • Layer viewers, designers, lists, charts, widgets, and administrative pages into your front end

We report directly against leading database platforms.

Securely report against databases in real time. At the core of our self-service BI platform is an automated query building engine that generates and executes queries against reporting data sources, without requiring users to understand underlying data models or write SQL.

The platform automatically recognizes existing constraints (primary and foreign key relationships), tables, views, stored procedures, functions, columns and data types for all supported database systems. Once connected to a database, you can utilize our data model preparation UI, or API to configure, categorize, alias and secure your data all the way down to the row level.

laptop displaying a database schema diagram from Izenda's analytics administrative interface

Secure Reporting Against SQL Databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MS Azure SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Mongo DB Enterprise

Unite disparate data through our in-memory engine.

Izenda’s Fusion data driver leverages the latest in query tree and map reduce technologies. Cross database reporting, multi-step calculations, joining stored procedures with tables and views can be done through simple UIs, code and hassle free.

For example, a dashboard may have information that comes from databases scattered across the globe. We pull this information together quickly and seamlessly, to make virtual data warehousing a reality for all – without ETL.

a desktop computer displaying the data model page of the administrative UI

“The success we've had with the incident tracking application is a testament to the quality, power and flexibility of Izenda's reporting technology.”

Edwill HolcombOperations Analyst, Department of Natural Resources

“Izenda's licensing and technology model aligns perfectly with ours. Plus, the power that Izenda gives our end-users is exactly what our clients want. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Grant GaudetteChief Operating and Technology Office

“Our BenefitConnect technology is easy-to-use and intuitive and we needed a reporting platform to match. Izenda fit the bill and both our staff and our clients couldn't be happier.”

Steve LestersonConsultant, Towers Watson

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