Product Videos

Extend analytics to all your clients and stakeholders.

Izenda’s BI Portal option offers maximum flexibility in how you deploy analytics to your user base. It takes only days to stand up a fully branded self-service analytics portal. You have the option to fully embed later, keeping all the customizations and reports you’ve already created.

  • Fully responsive, for analytics anywhere
  • Real-time access for multiple data sources
  • Inherits your existing security
  • Code-free administration and tenant roll out

Embed self-service analytics in your application.

Imagine self-service reports, dashboards and visualizations on any page of your application, or inside a fully branded BI Portal. Izenda’s modern, 3 tier architecture makes it easy to give your application’s users the analytics they need, where they need them, for better insights into their data.

This video is a quick and high-level overview of the functionality designed for seamlessly integration, 100% white labeling and customization to meet the needs of your team and the different users of your application.

See what embedded BI could look like for your end users.

User ranging from everyday consumers of analytics to sophisticated power users need to create ad hoc reports and perform analysis in your application. Izenda’s fully configurable analytics platform lets you tailor the experience to different user roles with an easy-to-use yet robust interface that integrates seamlessly to become an integral part of your application’s workflows.

This video gives an example of self-service report and dashboard creation capabilities.

Even multi-tenant administration is easy.

Traditional BI platforms require extensive coding to set up, manage and on-board new tenants. Izenda’s Administrative UI lets you customize the exact functionality and module access you want to allow on a per tenant, per user and per role basis.

This video explains the wide range of capabilities that can be managed in the administrative UI including:

  • Data prep and data access
  • Tenant, role and user administration
  • Tenant self-administration
  • System administration
  • Copy management and customization

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